GOM Metrology


Shaping Safety & Comfort with 3D Metrology Solutions


Industry Trusted, Quality Tested

If the average global citizen travels on average once a year, aircraft need to meet quality standards, inside and out. Aircraft structures, systems and interiors are incredibly complex with thousands of parts, high customization and extreme quality requirements to ensure safety. GOM optical metrology technology streamlines the development, quality assurance and maintenance checks of aircraft.

Aerostructures Inspection

OEMs know aircraft structures can determine the plane’s safety and operation. GOM technology brings security with thorough and precise inspections.


Aircraft Systems Inspection

Aviation OEMs and suppliers utilize GOM non-contact 3D technology to make aircraft systems manufacturing more efficient and planes even safer.


Aircraft Interiors Inspection

Airlines compete to provide comfort and optimized cabin space for passengers. GOM systems are the trusted solution for shape reconstruction of aircraft interiors across the industry.


MRO Surface Defects Inspection

When it comes to scanning for surface defects on an aircraft, sacrificing accuracy is not an option with GOM technology.