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From Tray Handle to Washing Machine - 3D Metrology at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

From Tray Handle to Washing Machine - 3D Metrology at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

In making the switch from a 2D to a 3D approach, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH has successfully combined its measurement expertise with its knowledge of CAD design to generate simplified models and make greater use of automated processes. 

Efficient workflows Boost Quality and Ease of Use

BSH had been searching for a way to capture every detail at virtually any scale, from entire assemblies to tiny surfaces, in an automated process requiring little previous knowledge on behalf of the user. By introducing PMI data, the company would then be able to ensure compliance with the relevant tolerances faster than ever before. Generating a seamless workflow across the various hardware and software solutions has also been key to ensuring operational consistency, quality results and data portability to support BSH’s international operations.

Once the company has equipped the CAD model of a part with all relevant PMI data, it can forward the measurement templates to its various sites and suppliers. “That way, we ensure that the same valuation basis is used worldwide for the qualification of produced individual parts or subassemblies”, explains BSH Quality Engineer Henri Wild.

To comply with global quality standards, CAD data are equipped with inspection features, measurement plans are set up centrally and rolled out to all sites and suppliers.
The automated first article inspection of a tray handle takes place in the 3D measuring machine ScanBox.

Flexible inspection and digital assembly for streamlined operations

Due to the wide range of fixturing solutions, the rotation table of ScanBox can accommodate an entire machine assembly or smaller parts, providing additional flexibility. The Smart Scanning feature in the virtual measuring room (VMR)– allows to teach, perform and optimize measurements with just one click. This ensures perfect processing of complex shapes such as the tray handles of washing machines produced by BSH.

ATOS Q is used to analyze fully assembled appliances. Once a few measurements on the full assembly and on the relevant individual part has been performed, the data can be presented in a composite view by the GOM Inspect Pro software for straightforward inspection against the relevant tolerances in the CAD files.

For the inspection of the gap between the tray handle and the body of a washing machine, which is subject to a standardized size, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH uses the compact ATOS Q.
In collating data at high speed, digital assembly in GOM Inspect Pro saves time considerably over other methods while boosting quality control.

Measurement consistency and user-friendly automated processes

Moving away from 2D drawings means “we’re entering another dimension,” says Henri Wild. The new 3D models, containing CAD and PMI data, can be opened with a visualization tool, making it easy for all users to know exactly where to measure. And since all BSH production sites and even selected suppliers can now use the same inspection and evaluation template, a high level of consistency is assured.

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BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

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