GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

ATOS ScanBox serii 7

Pomiary dużych i ciężkich komponentów o rozmiarach do 6000 mm

ScanBox serii 7

Quality Assurance for Large Parts

Automated 3D measurement technology for car manufacturing, try-out toolmaking and press shops: With ATOS ScanBox Series 7 you digitize and inspect large and heavy parts, such as automobile side panels and attached parts of up to 10 meters in size. In addition, welded assemblies for transportation, mechanical engineering and aircraft construction can be measured.

Create complete analysis measurements with the optical 3D measuring machine for a comparison in the try-out phase. Use the numerous features of the powerful GOM Inspect Pro software and evaluate hole patterns, trimmed edges and character lines.

ATOS ScanBox 7160

In the measuring cell, the high-speed sensor captures particularly large and heavy parts with a maximum size of 6000 x 1250 mm. Special designs make it possible to measure parts 10 meters in size.

ATOS ScanBox 7260

Thanks to the additional rotation table working area, you will succeed in measuring medium-sized parts with a maximum weight of up to 2000 kg.

Flexible sensor positioning and large measuring areas

Due to the 8-axis kinematics – a combination of a horizontal rail, a vertical lift and an articulated robot – you succeed in full-field measurements of large and heavy parts. Thanks to 8 degrees of freedom, the ATOS sensor is very flexible in its positioning and measures 3D data of the smallest details in the shortest possible time. The high resolution reduces the number of measurements and speeds up your workflow.

One system – adaptable to your needs

Flexible Loading Options

ATOS ScanBox Series 7 can be loaded with a driverless sandwich panel transport system including a track system, drive computer and safety systems. Alternatively, the parts can also be transported into the respective working area by transport cart, pallet truck, crane or forklift truck.

Modular system

For an even higher throughput, you can expand ATOS ScanBox 7160 with an additional rotation table working area as needed. An upgrading to ATOS ScanBox Series 8 is also possible without any problems due to standardized construction components.

Virtual Measuring Room

The virtual measuring room (VMR) is the central control station and measurement planning software for all elements of the ATOS measuring cells. In the VMR, the real environment, i.e. robots, sensors and parts in the measurement cell, is functionally simulated in a simulation. The programming includes the kinematics, the robot paths, the part fixture and the measurement plan. Thanks to the VMR, the user can work with the system without requiring specific robot programming skills. All robot movements are simulated and checked for safety before being performed in the actual environment.


Wirtualne pomieszczenie pomiarowe

Sensor Compatibility

ATOS sensors provide full-field 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Within a few seconds, up to 12 million independent measuring points are captured per scan. As a result, the measuring data are characterized by a high detail reproduction, which enables you to also measure very small parts.

Technical Information

  ATOS ScanBox 7160 ATOS ScanBox 7260
Dimensions 4750 × 10150 × 3900 mm³ 8750 × 10150 × 3900 mm³
Power supply 200–500 V (3-phase, 32 A) 200–500 V (3-phase, 32 A)
Max. part size 6000 × 2500 mm 6000 × 2500 mm, rotation table working area up to Ø 3000 mm
Max. part weight Unlimited Unlimited, rotation table working area up to 2000 kg
Entry Safety light curtain Safety light curtains
Opening width 3050 mm 3050 mm, rotation table working area up to 3400 mm
Floor mounting or fixing Required Required
Loading concept Manual, transport cart, pallet truck, crane, forklift truck, sandwich panel transport system Manual, transport cart, pallet truck, crane, forklift truck, sandwich panel transport system
Sensor compatibility ATOS 5, ATOS 5X ATOS 5, ATOS 5X

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