GOM Metrology


Ensuring Safety & Efficiency with 3D Metrology Solutions for Rotor Blades


Industry Proven for Design & Safety

Helicopters are among the most versatile flying machines and they owe their unique capabilities to their rotor systems. Each rotor blade helps lift and control the helicopter, so precise manufacturing and high-quality maintenance are essential for safety and efficiency. And not only helicopters, but all rotary-wing aircraft, including eVTOLS, need the same accuracy as a new generation of aircraft emerges for the future.

Rotor Blade Inspection

Rotor blades work hard and OEMs design them for maximum efficiency and resilience. GOM’s systems ensure consistent manufacture and optimum maintenance.


Aerostructures Inspection

Helicopters frequently operate in harsh environments. OEMs and MROs know that airframe structures are essential to safe operations and GOM technology provides peace of mind through detailed, precision inspection.


Aircraft Interiors Inspection

Corporate and VIP helicopter passengers expect comfort and optimized cabin space, while special missions operators require comprehensive equipment fits. GOM offers industry-trusted solutions for interior modeling.


Aircraft Systems Inspection

Aviation OEMs and suppliers use GOM non-contact 3D technology to make systems manufacturing more efficient and rotary-wing aircraft even safer.