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Aircraft Systems Inspection 

Aircraft Systems Inspection

Industry-Trusted 3D Solutions for Aircraft Systems

Aircraft systems like landing gears, ailerons, or other aircraft systems are complex, and their safe operation is critical to ensure the safety of the aircraft and passengers. Often these parts are manufactured and assembled in different locations and have many complex geometries that need inspecting inside and out. Non-contact 3D scanning technology allows us to virtually inspect the parts for manufacturing defects from every angle, capturing every edge. Not to mention it allows us to perform a virtual assembly check before the part even leaves its manufacturing line to ensure a proper fit into the final assembly. 

The Solution

GOM ATOS 3D scanning systems create a virtual copy (or Digital Twin) offering high resolution and repeatability with a fast turnaround time. ATOS is engineered with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable, accurate measurements with flexibility, and process reliability. With these optical 3D sensors, aviation OEMs and suppliers are implementing them more and more to make the inspection of landing gears more efficient and airplanes safer.


There’s many parts to aircraft systems, and they all need to be properly inspected to verify that they’ve been made correctly before assembly. These parts have many curvatures that are harder to measure with touch probe solutions or even static optical sensors. Needless to say accuracy and speed are required. Automated, flexible 3D measurement systems are the solution to not only visualize manufacturing defects early, but to ramp up production productivity and eliminate uncertainty about component assembly.

Innovative Technology

ATOS technology combines high accuracy with full-field data to produce aerospace productivity thanks to its powerful hardware-software duo. From the actuators and beams all the way to the wheels, ATOS technology uses blue-light 3D scanning and GOM software to verify the assembly and quality within minutes.

The ATOS ScanBox Series 6

The ATOS ScanBox Series 6 is designed to be the perfect solution with bulk measurement capabilities, unparalleled measurement time, and full-field data acquisition-- all within a single setup to measure multiple parts at once. Its automated and rapid nature allow OEMs to quickly measure landing gears all while meeting tolerance requirements and exceeding quality standards. Paired with the Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) functionality in GOM Blade Inspect Pro, this combination takes the guesswork out of verifying part assembly while simultaneously generating a digital twin to verify quality during the manufacturing cycles.

ATOS ScanBox solutions provide

  • High-accuracy data from hard-to-measure areas
  • Shortened production time with the high-speed inspection
  • Simultaneous loading and measuring capabilities
  • Digital assembly capabilities (within GOM Blade Inspect Pro)
  • Insight into hidden defects in your production processes
  • Return on investment within two years
  • Optimization of measurement rooms with two-in-one systems

Repair and Overhaul

From take off to landing, landing gear systems can take quite a beating as they’re the main support of an aircraft on the runway. However when they sustain damage or need maintenance work, it’s at the cost of OEMs and aircraft suppliers. Additionally they have the challenge of reverse engineering replacement parts if CAD files aren’t available. Therefore the longer it’s in repair, the more time and money is lost. Aircraft OEMs need high-speed measuring systems and intuitive software that help shorten MRO processes while lengthening the lifespan of landing gear components.

Our Solution

The ATOS 5 takes your MRO processes for aircraft systems from preventive to predictive. This high-volume product achieves single micron results within fast measurement cycles (at full resolution, full accurate measurement). Its ability to produce a rich data cloud is almost as impressive as its unrivaled speed, turning data into optimizable insights. Paired with GOM Blade Inspect Pro, the ATOS 5 uncovers hidden errors and optimizes maintenance tasks with its high resolution camera and reverse engineering capabilities. Its detailed insights and analytics help reduce downtime and maximize costs of repairs and return on investment.

ATOS solutions provide

  • Automated measurement processes
  • User-friendly technology & software
  • High-resolution data collection and analyses
  • Shortened production times
  • Full-field data with more proven accuracy than traditional measuring methods
  • Shorter measuring time
  • High-speed and high-accuracy results
  • Increased overall throughput

Research & Development

Aircraft systems such as landing gear, rudders, flaps and ailerons are built to undergo heavy loads and hard landings. Before they’re certified for use however, intensive testing (both fatigue and limit tests) required to demonstrate their ability to meet strict requirements with regard to function, safety, and service life. Manufacturers have to know what parts of the components will fail due to fatigue. Physical tests aren’t feasible, and setting up test rigs can get expensive, making optical measuring systems and evaluation software the perfect solution for testing. 

The trusted testing solution

ARAMIS 3D technology is the innovative testing method for validating simulation methods and utilizes the latest approaches in virtual testing to optimize aircraft system design. This non-contact system can be easily integrated into test setup, and provides data for 3D displacements and deformations with precision and high accuracy. Using rich point cloud data and structural analysis tools, simulation and design processes are continually optimized to ensure that structural parts meet OEM requirements within ARAMIS and its software, GOM Correlate Pro.

Turning data into profitable insights

GOM Correlate Pro simplifies the workflow and accelerates test setup while the hardware determines areas of fatigue or stress. Unlike typical methods like cable transducers or strain gauges, ARAMIS captures both point-based and full-field three-dimensional displacements and strains. With this kind of knowledge R&D teams can pinpoint the exact spots on landing gear structures where deformations start to form. Engineers are then equipped with insights that turn material testing data into competitive advantages and new design concepts.

ARAMIS Solutions Provide

Flexible Systems
Physical capabilities to capture complex geometries
Real-Time Inspection
Instant measurement of deformations and strain
Faster, Relevant Data
Rapid data capture outpaces standard contact sensors
Optimized Setup
Accelerated test setup with comprehensive software

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