GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

De-Warp – Virtual compensation of warpage on plastic parts


Measure your part without a fixture

Compensate warpage

With De-Warp, you can measure your parts in a virtually clamped state. You do not need a fixture. De-Warp saves time and money.

Reduce scrap

Use virtual forces in De-Warp to check whether the part dimensions are within tolerance in the subsequent assembly.

Evaluate your parts correctly

Get two results (unclamped/clamped) with only one complete measurement and compare them to the CAD model.

How does De-Warp work?

The De-Warp software package contains powerful algorithms for virtual compensation of warpage and shrinkage. This makes it possible for the first time to realize over-constrained datum conditions without using mechanical fixtures.

The innovative technology relies on the specially developed Voxelizer. Deformation models are calculated as the basis for virtual clamping. With the “Remove Warpage” function, a virtual force is specifically applied to the part by defining several clamping points. This way, the part is transferred into the clamped state with a single click. In a full-field comparison with the CAD model, the measurement result can be easily switched between the two states (unclamped/clamped).

How can I use De-Warp?

De-Warp is available as a free feature package for the GOM Inspect Pro and GOM Volume Inspect Pro software license products. If you already have a Pro license, you can add and apply the package at any time. Take the opportunity now to test the software including De-Warp for 14 days free of charge. 

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