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GD&T Inspection in GOM Software

GD&T Inspection in GOM Software

The function of the part is the most important aspect for high-quality parts. Also, the interplay of different parts has to fulfill high-quality requirements. GD&T inspections are a tool to determine if those requirements are met. In addition to deviation values, the GOM Software enables you to visualize deviations in form, orientation and location on your parts. On the way to final quality, this helps to reduce expensive and time-consuming iterations during the process of quality control.

In this training course, you will learn how to realize GD&T inspections in the GOM Software. This includes the creation of datum systems on geometrical elements as well as on freeform surfaces. During the training, you will learn to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge practically in the GOM software. You will evaluate different parts based on the respective design drawings. This way, you get to know the analysis options and the different computation methods in detail in the GOM software. During the last part of the training, you have the opportunity to ask specific questions or to bring along and discuss requirements and drawings.

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Learn how to use the GOM software for…

  • GD&T inspections and result visualization
  • Quick creation for GD&T checks 
  • Applying alignment methods and datum systems
  •  Working with material requirements 
  • Handling of international standards (ASME, ISO)