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Get the best out of your GOM product by attending our training courses. In local in-person or classroom courses and live online training sessions or time-flexible eLearning courses, you can experience how easy it is to work with your system and software.

Get detailed information about all training courses by creating your personalized account in the GOM Metrology Training Center. You can then register for courses, view and manage your course progress and certificates at any time.

All Training Courses

Whatever GOM product you have, we have the right training for you. Get to know the easiest and fastest way of working in our starter and basic training courses. Make sure to get to the level of professionalism you need by attending application training courses designed for your application or sector of industry.




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ATOS ScanBox GOM Inspect 自動車産業


Basic Training ARAMIS

ARAMIS システムの使用に関する基礎に慣れ親しむために、このトレーニングはセンサのセットアップ、キャリブレーションから測定に至るワークフロー全体をカバーしています。

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ARAMIS GOM Correlate 変形分析


Basic Training ARGUS

This training course shows how to use the ARGUS system and includes an introduction, the preparation of the sheet metal part, the camera setup and the measurement itself.

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ARGUS GOM Correlate 変形分析 自動車産業


Basic Training ATOS

専門のトレーナーから ATOS センサを用いた作業のすべての基礎を習い、最初の成果をスピーディに作成します。

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ATOS GOM Inspect 航空宇宙産業 射出成型 自動車産業


Basic Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (3D Data)

トレーニングでは、エアフォイルやサブコンポーネント (ルート、ディスク、ハブやシュラウドなど) で構成される部品全体を検査する方法を学びます。

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GOM Blade Inspect 航空宇宙産業


Basic Training GOM Correlate Pro

このトレーニングでは、ARAMIS ステージプロジェクトを評価し、その結果をレポートに記録する方法を学びます。

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GOM Correlate 変形分析 ARAMIS

New to Metrology?

 Acquire a system-independent basic metrology training with AUKOM. The multi-stage training courses convey device-independent knowledge, including established and practice-tested procedures. The modular courses are based on each other and end with a certified and worldwide accepted final exam.

What Is AUKOM?

As a member of AUKOM, GOM is a certified partner and training provider of AUKOM training courses. The AUKOM association promotes fundamental and sound training in the field of industrial production measurement technology, especially in the field of coordinate measuring technology. With its training program in production measurement technology, AUKOM guarantees that the levels of the courses provided by partners are comparable.

All AUKOM Levels at a Glance

The multi-level AUKOM training courses comprise successive and interrelated courses providing system-neutral knowledge in combination with practical exercises.

GOM Metrology Training Center

Find the complete offer of all classroom training courses in your country. Enroll in eLearning courses to learn at your own pace at any time and in any place in the world. Create your personal account to view your completed courses, achievements and certificates as well as the presentations and demo data for your training courses.