3D Measuring Machines

ATOS ScanBox

The ATOS ScanBox is a complete optical measuring machine that was developed by GOM for an efficient quality control in production and manufacturing processes. The ATOS ScanBox has been installed several hundred times worldwide and is successfully used in a variety of industries. Eleven models are available for different part sizes and applications.

While mechanical measuring systems capture data in a point-based or linear manner, optical measuring systems provide full-field data about deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data. As this measuring data contains all the object information, in addition to the surface deviations from the CAD, the software also automatically derives detailed information such as GD&T, trimming or hole positions.

ATOS ScanBox Series 4

Measurement of Small Complex Components up to 500 mm in Size


ATOS ScanBox Series 5

Measurement of Complex Components up to 2000 mm in Size


ATOS ScanBox Series 6

High Throughput with Parts up to 3500 mm in Size



Automation technology with Batch Processing System


ATOS ScanBox Series 7

Measurement of Large and Heavy Components up to 6000 mm in Size


ATOS ScanBox Series 8

Two-Sided Measurement of Long and Wide Components


ATOS ScanBox Brochure

For further information about the ATOS ScanBox, please download the brochure.



Simple programming

The virtual measuring room is the central control station and measurement planning software for all elements of the ATOS measuring cells. It offers the functional representation of a real measurement environment in a virtual simulation. Thanks to the VMR, the user can work with the system without requiring specific robot programming skills. All robot movements are simulated and checked for safety before being performed in the actual environment.

Thanks to Auto Teaching, the time required for creating reliable and runtime-optimized robot programs is kept to a minimum. In addition, changes to the measurement plan are accepted automatically without the user’s intervention.

Short delivery times

An ATOS ScanBox is usually supplied ex stock at short notice. Depending on the type, commissioning may take a few days for the small systems (series 5) and up to two weeks for the large systems (series 7 and 8). The entire kinematics is based on robust automation components instead of precision mechanics. The machines are hardly subject to any wear even under harsh ambient conditions and retain their full accuracy.

Standardized quality

ATOS ScanBox is a standardized measuring machine which is certified in accordance with the Machinery Directive. There is no risk for the customer in terms of costs, performance or delivery date – in contrast to projected individual systems. Even before an order is placed, test measurements can be performed in an identically designed ATOS ScanBox to verify measuring equipment capability.

Space saving

All ATOS ScanBox models are characterized by their compact design. The ATOS ScanBox models 4105, 5108 and 5120 do not have to be anchored in the floor of the factory or on special measuring tables. They can easily be transported to the required place within a short period. All that is needed at the location is a power connection.

High measuring speed

Compared to a traditional tactile coordinate measuring machine, the ATOS ScanBox can reduce the measuring and inspection time for a component by more than half.

High data quality

Small geometries, such as locking hooks or catches for injection molded parts, are often very important for the function. The ATOS ScanBox 4105 can be used with ATOS sensors with the measuring area of 70 × 50 mm2. As a result, it is possi­ble to measure details that are only several tenths of a millimeter in size.

ATOS Professional

3D Scanning and Inspection Software

ATOS Professional is a process-reliable software solution that controls ATOS 3D scanners, produces precise 3D surface data and offers complete inspection and reporting functionalities in one software package.

The software includes all GOM Inspect Professional functionalities, making ATOS Professional a complete parametric and traceable measuring and evaluation software for dimensional analyses. The intuitive operating concept makes it possible to implement all measuring tasks easily and flexibly. 


Sensor Technology

ATOS sensors provide full-field 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Within a few seconds, up to 16 million independent measuring points are captured per scan. As a result, the measuring data is characterized by very high detailed reproduction, thereby enabling very small component features to be measured.

ATOS Overview