GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology


Precise Industrial 3D Metrology

GOM develops, produces and distributes 3D measuring systems based on innovative technologies and latest research results. By continuously developing software and hardware, GOM constantly sets gold standards in industrial metrology.

The product portfolio comprises software, machines and systems for manual and automated 3D digitization.

Today, more than 17,000 system installations accelerate and improve product development and manufacturing processes for international companies in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and consumer goods, for their suppliers as well as for many research institutes and universities.

3D Scanning

Compact. Flexible. Mobile.


3D Testing

High-precision motion, deformation and forming analyses


3D Measuring Machines

Automated 3D measurement technology


High-Precision 3D Metrology

Industrial 3D measuring systems with high-speed technology


ZEISS Quality Suite。計測ソフトウェア、サービス、その他を1つにまとめました。

3D検査、ボリューム検査、デジタル画像相関、航空宇宙産業向けの高精度評価。全てはZEISS Quality Suiteの中にあります。

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ZEISS Quality Suite