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GOM ATOS Quality Assurance of Plastic Parts

Quality Assurance of Plastic Parts

Quality Assurance of Plastic Parts


Plastic parts are becoming more complex to reduce mounting times. In addition, miniaturization, elevated design demands, haptic feeling and fitting accuracy require small manufacturing tolerances. Above all, time to market needs to be short. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a fast and efficient inspection of injection-molded parts to verify tools, machine and process parameters and to control production. Using conventional CMMs, plastic parts are usually measured with a few hundred measuring points, leaving large areas unchecked. Coupled with complex geometries as deep bores, undercuts and angled edges, conventional CMMs come to their limits. Besides, decisions on the product quality cannot be derived from the measuring data, as problematic areas cannot be identified immediately. Thus, a fast and efficient measuring system is highly in need to accelerate the inspection process.

GOM ATOS Q Plastic Parts


Responding to the problem above, GOM developed the optical 3D scanning system ATOS Q, which delivers full-field measuring data of plastic parts in a short time. With its changeable measuring volumes, ATOS Q can be adapted to specific measuring tasks, depending on the size and the geometries of a part. ATOS Q features Blue Light Technology, which ensures the most accurate and repeatable measuring data. Even the smallest details can be taken for accurate and realistic evaluation, determining, for example, the correction values for the tool geometry (sink marks, warpage and shrinkage) and the machine and process parameters. The system also ensures production control minimizing scrap and rework. Besides, scan data of multiple parts can be used for trend analysis. In addition, measuring data can be shared using the free GOM Inspect software.


Changeable measuring volumes for specific tasks
Captures up to 12 million data points per scan
High data quality
Thanks to Triple Scan Technology and Blue Light Technology


3D scanner for the measurement of objects with complex geometries from small to medium size in manual, semiautomated or automated operation.


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