GOM Computed Tomography

3D Computed Tomography

Nondestructive 3D volume inspection

3D Computed Tomography

GOM CT Technology: Simple in use, extremely precise in resolution

The industrial use of CT offers a significant advantage: the digitization of complex parts includes the internal geometries at the finest level of detail. GOM CT solutions include hardware such as GOM CT (ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout) and an easy to use software for the entire workflow, GOM Volume Inspect.

High precision
Due to mathematical modelling of the measuring room
All-in-one software GOM Volume Inspect
For a consistent, fast workflow
Easy operation
Automatic object positioning

The GOM CT (ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout) has a new home


Nondestructive 3D inspection of parts with internal structures

GOM CT: Reveals what remains hidden with other systems

When digitizing a part, GOM CT achieves an outstanding sharpness of detail: On the one hand, because it uses a high-resolution 3k X-ray detector for acquiring measuring data and on the other hand, because each part is measured in the best possible measurement position and thus always in the highest possible resolution. You can see the result below: on the left, measuring data generated with the GOM CT (ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout) and on the right the usual standard.

3D Computed Tomography

High-resolution measuring data that makes every detail visible: The pictured part (total diameter: 1 cm) was taken out of an in-ear headphone and digitized with GOM CT. The diameter of a single grid element is 0.1 mm.

Software image from other CT

Resolution other CTs

The 3D Image shows less sharpness of detail

Software image from GOM CT

Resolution GOM CT

The measurement is performed by using a 3k X-ray detector (3008 x 2512 pixels) with fine pixel grid

Highly automated metrology solution

A CT system is only suited for inspection during production if it can be operated by workers without expertise in computed tomography. Both the measurement and the evaluation of the measuring data should run automatically. At the same time, the CT system must achieve high throughput. GOM has come up with a smart workflow for this.

Computed Tomography automated metrology solution

GOM Volume Inspect – the all-in-one software for CT data

The control of the device and the metrological evaluation of the data are combined in a single software package, making additional software or intermediate steps redundant. The process chain from the recording of the raw data through the inspection up to the creation of a measuring report is significantly simplified.


Icon Software CT

What our customers say

The machine works brilliantly for us. It produces very high-resolution data sets rich in details for analyses.

We have also saved so much time when measuring especially small parts. Throughput times are incredible compared to optical metrology.


Stefan Drücke | 3DIMETIK GmbH & Co. KG, Kassel (Germany)

GOM CT customer experience Zebicon

From my experience, GOM CT is the best on the market.

It delivers high-quality data. We have seen a huge difference in precision when comparing the GOM CT with our previous CT scanner. Another advantage of GOM CT is that you only need to work in one software, while other systems require three or four different types of software.

Kim Demant Andersen, Project Manager and CT specialist at Zebicon a/s (Denmark)

GOM CT customer experience Exact Metrology

GOM CT provides a clean, clear path for the user from beginning to end of the process. It eliminates some of the complicated guesswork required to optimize data acquisition.

Moreover, it provides some of the most precise data we have seen out of a CT system.

Ketzalli Dondiego (left) and Sean Plastine (right) from Exact Metrology (USA)

GOM CT customer experience DIM GmbH

We use our GOM CT for dimensional measurements. That’s what it’s optimized for, and it delivers high-precision results.

A positive feature is the high temperature stability of the system – an essential criterion for long-time analyses. The machine is an approved measurement device in the scope of our accreditation (DIN EN ISO 17025:2018).

Paul Warnecke, Managing Director dim GmbH, Untereisesheim

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