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ARAMIS SRX System 300

ARAMIS 3D Camera Systems

Robust design for high-end applications

ARAMIS 3D Camera

For 3D Analyses Without Compromise

ARAMIS SRX is a high-resolution 3D camera system for full-field and point-based measurements. Up to 2000 frames per second, combined with high stability, process reliability and usability make ARAMIS SRX an ideal measuring system for high-end applications in industrial environments.

ARAMIS 3D Camera with stativ car analyzes

This Sensor Stands Up to Every Comparison

Highly resolving

The latest camera technology with two 12-megapixel cameras provides a high spatial resolution. That way, not only small strain but also local strain effects in large measuring areas can be measured.


The robust housing design gives stability to the sensor and at the same time reduces the need for sensor calibration for applications in industrial environments.


The system can be used out of the box. The exchangeable camera frame and preset and certified measuring lenses allow for a fast adjustment of measuring areas.


Controlling the sensor using the ARAMIS Controller ensures stable communication between software and hardware. Furthermore, the ARAMIS Controller enables the integration of the ARAMIS sensor in testing setups. On the one hand, external signals from testing machines or testing rigs (e.g. force) can be read in into the ARAMIS measuring project and on the other hand measuring results of the ARAMIS sensor can be transferred back to the testing machines or testing rigs.


Formerly known as GOM Correlate Pro, the software supports you with the analysis of movement data such as velocities, changes in angle or strains.


ARAMIS SRX: Ready for the Highest Requirements in the Field of Testing

High frequency for rapid applications

ARAMIS SRX has a maximum image recording rate of 335 fps at full resolution. By reducing the image height, the rate can be increased up to 2000 fps. This allows capturing an event such as the failure behavior of parts in detail over time.

ARAMIS 3D Camera with stativ car analyzes
ARAMIS 3D Camera Software analyzes wishbone

Internal 8-gigabyte memory for high-end applications

ARAMIS SRX is designed for high-end applications, which require both capturing an event in detail over time and capturing local effects. The internal memory allows for a combination of high resolution and high speed.

HD mode for crash applications

The HD mode was developed especially for the use in crash applications. With an image recording rate of 1000 fps in HD resolution, this mode enables comprehensive analyses of fast processes.

ARAMIS 3D Camera Crash Simulation

State-Of-The-Art Light Technology

Blue Light Technology

Thanks to the narrow-band blue light of the Blue Light Technology, interfering ambient light during image acquisition can be filtered out. The light sources ensure optimal illumination with short exposure times for all measuring areas from 10 mm x 10 mm up to 5 m x 5 m. 

ARAMIS SRX with stativ and slammed car door

Tracking Spots for larger measuring areas

The Tracking Spots serve for the illumination of large areas of up to 5 m x 5 m and are well suited for point-based motion analyses. The configuration with two light sources and reference point markers even allows for high-speed testing with exposure times in the range of microseconds. 

ARAMIS 3D Camera 600

Light projector for smaller measuring areas

The light projector is used for measuring areas of up to 1 m x 1 m and can be set for different illumination areas. The Blue Light Technology ensures a consistent light source for precise measurements in different environments.

ARAMIS 3D Camera System

Calibrated in a Few Minutes

The default calibration is supported by the software based on certified calibration objects and takes only a few minutes. The whole process is guided, ensuring very precise calibration results regardless of the user.

ARAMIS Calibration

The Alternative with Ideal Speed and Resolution for Further Demanding Testing Applications

Compared to ARAMIS SRX, ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M is an alternative for medium-fast measurements of small specimens up to large objects. With 12 megapixels and a maximum image recording rate of 25 fps at full resolution, the sensor has the proper resolution to reliably specify material characteristics in the field of materials and component testing, for example. By reducing the resolution, the image recording rate can be increased to 100 fps.

Sensor setup, light management and calibration correspond to the configurations of the ARAMIS SRX system. 

Young man standing behind an Aramis 3D camera

Technical White Paper

Digital Image Correlation and Strain Computation Basics



Technical Data

ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M 
Camera resolution  4096×3000 pixels
4096 × 3068 pixels
Frame rate (fps)
25 fps @ full resolution
43 fps @ 2496×2096 pixels (5M mode)
75 fps @ 1/3 image height
100 fps @ 2048×1500 pixels (Binning mode)
150 fps @ 1/6 image height

Use of Desktop PC RAM
75 fps @ full resolution
115 fps @ 2/3 image height
230 fps @ 1/3 image height
480 fps @ 1/6 image height
490 fps @ HD format (1920 × 1000)

Use of internal RAM
335 fps @ full resolution
500 fps @ 2/3 image height
1000 fps @ 1/3 image height
2000 fps @ 1/6 image height
1000 fps @ HD format (1920 × 1000)

Camera support (mm)
150 | 300 
600 | 1200 | 1600
180 / 300
600 / 1200 / 1600



  • Touch Probe
  • Calibration object
  • Reference point markers
  • Deformation spray package
  • Stand
  • Transport case


Door Slam Motion Analysis

Surface-Based Component Testing

Determination of Material Properties

GOM Acceptance Test 

Evidence of the quality and performance capability of most ARAMIS sensors is provided by the GOM Acceptance Test (GAT). The acceptance procedure is based on VDI standards 2634-1 and 2626 and is an integral part of the outbound delivery process. Customers receive a GAT certificate for the purchased sensor, a DAkkS certificate for the optical scale used and a detailed process description.

GOM Acceptance Test

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