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GOM Touch Probe

GOM Touch Probe

GOM Touch Probe

Combination of full-field and tactile measurements

Many complex measuring tasks require a combination of full-field and tactile 3D measurements. The GOM Touch Probe is available as an accessory and incorporates a group of calibrated point markers that are optically tracked by the ATOS 3D digitizer. ATOS generates a 3D polygon mesh that exactly represents the object surface and the 3D coordinates captured with the GOM Touch Probe.


3D measurement
Scanning dimensions and geometries
Full-field and tactile measurement
Measurement of hidden areas that can hardly be captured by optical systems
Evaluation of measuring data
Comparison against CAD data
Standard geometries
Measurement of lines, planes, circles, cylinders and cones
Freeform surfaces
Quick measurement of individual points
Online alignment
Real-time motion tracking

Complete hardware and software

The lightweight GOM Touch Probe allows for easy measurement of large measuring projects over a longer period. Neither internal electronics nor cables are used, which guarantees high stability and mobility.

Both, the ATOS and touch probe measurements use the same software package to evaluate the results and do not require any additional hardware or tracker. As a result, measurements can be performed quickly and it is easy to switch between full-field and tactile measurement or measurement analysis.

GOM Touch Probe Software

Small to large objects

The GOM Touch Probe comes with five probe heads in different sizes, suitable for small to large objects. It was designed in a way that it is adaptable for various applications. The user can not only easily exchange the probe heads and extensions but can also construct customized touch probes for specific measuring tasks. For this reason, the GOM Touch Probe is suited to measure alignment holes of small injection-molded parts as well as cooling ducts of large casting molds.

GOM Touch Probe Small Component
GOM Touch Probe Small Component
GOM Touch Probe Medium Component

Online measurement

The GOM Touch Probe and CMM adapters extend the possibilities of measuring geometrical elements online using ATOS sensors. For this purpose, the sensor continuously captures and tracks the movements of the optically tracked accessory. The software provides the user with constant feedback about the current position. The measurement is triggered manually, and only the measured value is saved in the software.


Part alignment
Preparation of the process
Adjusting fixtures
Further processing
Trimming and springback
Quick online measurement
Standard geometries and edges