Solutions for Industries

As a manufacturer of optical 3D measuring systems, GOM offers complete solutions with sensors, analysis software, technical support and training courses from a single source. The industry-specific solutions are adapted to the practical needs of demanding industries.


GOM’s optical 3D measuring systems highly contribute to meeting complex requirements in the aerospace industry. Optical 3D measurement technology enables the precise quality control of all products of the industry. 



The increasingly automated automotive industry profits from the full-field geometry acquisition of 3D scanning. By implementing GOM products into the product development, simulation, design and quality control, the entire new product development is optimized.


Consumer Goods

In the production of consumer goods, optical measuring systems from GOM are an optimal addition in all production steps. Optical 3D measurement technology guarantees an efficient product development and production and helps to shorten ramp-up times at product launches significantly.


Power Generation

GOM systems are suitable for the inspection of complex freeform surfaces, such as airfoils in gas and steam turbines and turbochargers. The systems support the introduction, inspection and final acceptance of different production technologies as well as maintenance, service and upgrading.



In transportation, solutions from GOM are especially relevant for quality control.
GOM’s products are used in rail engineering, shipbuilding and utility vehicles for ensuring the quality of the means of transportation. 



GOM systems are suitable for various applications in medical technology and biomechanics. The 3D measurement technology is an inherent part in the implementation of dynamic analyses on biomaterials, such as strain, load and fatigue tests.


Solutions for Manufacturing Processes

Metal Forming

GOM products are extensively used in the entire process chain of metal forming. They support the consistent quality control – from determining material characteristics to production control and assembly analysis.


Additive Manufacturing

Highly individual parts with complex geometries are often a challenge in quality control. With GOM’s flexible systems, the individual process steps are optimally supported – from 3D scans to forming analyses and to the final evaluation by the powerful GOM software.


Plastics Processing

Precise optical 3D measurement technology supports and speeds up almost all phases in injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming processes – from prototype construction and toolmaking to initial sample test reports up to assembly analysis and load testing.


Casting and Foundry

In casting and foundry, GOM products are used for permanent quality control. Process steps such as simulation validation, tool try-out, first article inspection and production control are carefully monitored with the products from GOM.