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Fast, Full-Field Data Acquisition of Large Measuring Areas

With an ultra-bright laser light source and a large measuring area of up to 4 square meters, ZEISS ATOS LRX delivers precise, full-field data in short time. The sensor captures up to 2 × 12 million coordinate points with just one scan. 


3D Scanning System for Industrial Requirements

The sensor meets the high metrological demands of industrial users. The software guides you through the complete workflow within the ZEISS Quality Suite, from data acquisition to inspection and reporting.

Fan blade blue light measurement

Fast Digitization, High-Resolution Data

ZEISS ATOS LRX provides you with precise, full-field data with high resolution – even of complex geometries and freeform surfaces. The ultra-bright laser light source in combination with the large measuring area reduces the number of scans required.

ATOS LRX measures a component

Robust Design

The sensor is designed for industrial applications. The robust housing is protected against dust and splash water. To work reliably and precisely even in harsh production environments, the system monitors its calibration status by itself.

Person explains the quality software

All-in-one Software

Scanning, inspection, and reporting in one single software: ZEISS ATOS LRX is managed by ZEISS Quality Suite. The software supports 3D scanning and inspection processes by providing detailed analyses and reporting functions.

Close up of ZEISS ATOS LRX

Next Generation Laser Light Source

ZEISS ATOS LRX is equipped with an advanced, ultra-bright laser light source allowing for 3D scans even in normal ambient light conditions. By capturing large measuring areas, the system is the first choice for fast scanning of large surfaces, even if they are dark or shiny, and delivers precise, high-resolution data. 

Laser Light Compressor
The integrated laser light compressor bundles several laser sources and generates a very bright light. It can illuminate the entire measuring area of up to four square meters at short exposure times, thus, speeding up the scan process.
Maximum Safety
ZEISS ATOS LRX offers maximum safety in manual use despite the laser light: An integrated sensor monitors the safety distance to the user via radar and reduces the luminous intensity, if necessary. The resulting assignment to the uncritical laser protection class 2 allows the system to be operated without any further protective measures.
Interactive Features
ZEISS ATOS LRX supports interactive features such as touch probe measurements, live tracking, and back projection. The sensor can be controlled either by computer or remote control.

Easy to use and reliable

ZEISS Quality Suite

The entire ZEISS ATOS LRX workflow is controlled by the powerful software withing the ZEISS Quality Suite: ZEISS ATOS LRX generates full-field data and allows any required inspection or analysis to be derived from it. This makes operation intuitive and easy for the user, who is guided by a consistent user interface - from data acquisition to inspection and reporting.

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Person using the ZEISS Quality Suite

HyperScale – Recalibration without Delay

The new HyperScale software function is designed for very fast on-site calibration. With just one single measurement of a DAkkS-certified length standard, the calibration is completed.

Person measuring a component with ATOS LRX

ATOS 5 Family

ATOS sensors have been custom-built to meet metrological requirements in industry. They deliver absolutely accurate and traceable measuring results – even under harsh conditions. The 3D sensors work with structural blue light and carry out non-contact scanning operations. 

ZEISS ATOS LRX from front ZEISS ATOS LRX ATOS 5 for Airfoil from front ATOS 5 for Airfoil ATOS 5 from front ATOS 5 ATOS 5X from front ATOS 5X
Technical Data        
Your system for: 3D scanning for very large volumes precise scanning of smallest details high-speed 3D scanning system automated scanning for large volumes
Measuring points per scan 12 m 12 m 8 or 12 m 12 m
Working distance 1810 mm 530 mm 880 mm 880 mm
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Powerful in Many Industries


In aerospace, ZEISS ATOS LRX detects structural components such as the fuselage, ribs, tails, and wings. The sensor is also used for digitizing the outer skin of the fuselage, for example to check rivets and flushness between panels. The measuring results also speed up maintenance and repair, as they show surface defects.


Automotive Industry

ZEISS ATOS LRX is used for digitizing surfaces like clay models in automotive design. Due to the large measuring area, the sensor provides a fast nominal-actual comparison after applying the clay to the model. In crash tests, ZEISS ATOS LRX allows for fast 3D scanning of crash vehicles. 



The 3D scanner digitizes the entire surface of marine propellers and provides important information for maintenance and repair, such as damage to the ship's hull. 


Toolmaking and Mechanical Engineering

ZEISS ATOS LRX optimizes the design of parts and tools. With the sensor, models, mold halves, and cast blanks, such as for forming tools, can be digitized in high resolution. In mechanical engineering, the 3D scanner speeds up the quality control of large, welded assemblies. 


Wind Energy

In the design and production of wind turbines, ZEISS ATOS LRX captures rotor blades and molds as well as wind turbine housings.


Exclusive customer insights: Siempelkamp Gießerei

Together with ZEISS, the German Siempelkamp Gießerei has installed the world's largest non-contact robot measuring cell. The heart of the measuring cell is the 3D scanner ZEISS ATOS LRX, which has been specially developed for large measuring fields and robust environments. Thanks to its powerful laser light source, it delivers full-field data in a very short time. The software automatically visualizes full-field deviations between actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data. Based on this information, the foundry can identify, analyze, and remedy quality deviations as quickly as possible. 

Siempelkamp Gießerei

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