ATOS Automated Measurement Cell for Small Objects

03/2009The Multi Axis Motion Unit in combination with the ATOS SO 3D Digitizer has been designed for fully automatic measurement of small to mid-size parts. With the 6 freely automated movement axes, the Multi Axis Motion Unit assists the measurement of even the most complex parts.

Equipped with the ATOS SO 3D Digitizer, the Multi Axis Motion Unit allows complete 3D scanning of components. The ATOS SO systems are mainly used for complex small parts with high demands on accuracy and data quality.

Fully automated measurement has a number of advantages:

  • Throughput - Increase the number of parts scanned per hour to maximise the return of investment made by the measurement system. By recording the measurement plan, the system is able to repeat the process over and over much quicker than is possible by operators.
  • Repeatability - Measure each part in precisely the same way by using the repetitive process of the machine, eliminating the variability of different operators.
  • Productivity - Allow human assets to be more productive by analyzing results rather than completing monotonous tasks better suited for machines.
  • More comprehensive inspections - More complete part information compared with traditional methods.

The Multi Axis Motion Unit is controlled directly from the ATOS Software. The automation protocol manages all movements and measurements and has advanced exception handling for automatic measurement repetition on errors or problems.

Alongside the complete automated control of the Multi Axis Motion Unit, the ATOS Software is a data editing and complete inspection package capable of:

  • CAD import and registration (CATIA V4/V5, Pro/Engineer, IGES, STEP, VDA, ...)
  • Import of measurement plans and inspection lists (DMIS, CATIA-List, ...)
  • Creation of full-field inspection plots
  • Section based analysis
  • Deviation measurements of individual points
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Classic comparison to drawings and dimensional control
  •  ...

The free Viewer is also available to present the measurement results. The results are freely available to customers and colleagues for discussion and further analysis.