ARAMIS - Measuring the Movement

07/2015adidas developed its latest running shoe – Ultra Boost – by using optical measurement technology from GOM. Find out in a video, how adidas uses the ARAMIS system for optical deformation analysis in a running test in order to determine strain results.

ARAMIS uses a system of cameras and sensors to visualize the flexion of the running shoe via threedimensional full-field measuring. To do so, adidas prepared the shoe with many retro-reflective reference point markers. Following, ARAMIS tracked every single marker while the athlete was running. This means, any movement in the foot, including skin, muscles and bones can be mapped. These data were used by adidas to develop the new running shoe. As a result, the flexion of the Ultra Boost and the behavior of the foot when going barefoot turned out very similar. Giving maximum freedom to the foot is at the heart of the Ultra Boost trainer – by moving with it.

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"What Goes into Making the World's Best Running Shoe"