3D scanner accelerates prototype construction at Seifferth

Using optical metrology, Seiffert GmbH manages to accelerate the prototype construction and optimize the entire production process at the same time.

Precision right from the start - this is the recipe for success used by the prototyping specialist Seifferth. Seifferth GmbH has been using the ATOS Capsule optical precision scanner since 2016 to ensure that precision specifications are met during production and that sources of error are detected and avoided early. In comparison to tactile measuring procedures, ATOS Capsule provides full-field 3D measuring results and captures the whole part geometry with high accuracy. “The recording quality of the scanner is immense,” Ulrich Seifferth says. 

From inspecting milled tool inserts and master molds to checking the plastic parts produced and monitoring the wear and tear of tools: The measuring system is used throughout the manufacturing process. The result: fewer correction loops, improved deadline reliability and highly satisfied customers.

Read the complete application example in PDF format.