Industrial 3D Scanning Technology

The ATOS series of industrial non-contact 3D scanners using structured blue light provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speed. ATOS is engineered with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable, accurate measurements with flexibility and process reliability.

ATOS solutions are used in many industries for the inspection of parts such as sheet metals, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes and injection-molded and pressure die-cast parts.

ATOS Technology

Dynamic Referencing

ATOS’ proven stereo camera technology delivers an overdetermined system of equations for each measurement. The combination of the stereo camera technology with GOM's reference point system allows ATOS to guarantee process reliability by:

  • Detection of sensor/part movement
  • Verification of measurement accuracy and quality
  • Identification of environmental changes
  • Live tracking of 3D sensor position

Optical and Tactile Measurement

The GOM Touch Probe combines full-field and  3D measurements with touch probes. The GOM Touch Probe allows quick measurement in difficult-to-access areas, comparison directly to CAD, measurement of standard geometries, quick measurement of individual points and online alignment.

ATOS measurements and measurements with touch probes are carried out with one system and are evaluated with one software package. No extra hardware or tracker is required, enabling quick measurement procedures and easy interchange between surface and single point measurement and analysis.

Read more about the GOM Touch Probe.

Blue Light Technology

GOM’s projection technology works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition. The light sources are so powerful that measuring data is captured even on non-cooperative surfaces. In addition, the LEDs of the Blue Light Technology have a life expectancy of far more than 10,000 hours.

Live Tracking

In addition to the full-field scanning, ATOS systems can also be employed for live measuring of movements and deviations. This tracking is based on the stereo camera principle in connection with the GOM reference point system. Single points as well as complete component geometries can be traced in space. The alignment or positional deviation of a component from the nominal position can also be measured and tracked live by the ATOS system. This makes it easier to transfer the virtual alignment of components into reality.

Triple Scan Principle

Precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are captured by two cameras based on the stereo camera principle. As the beam paths of both cameras and the projector are known in advance due to calibration, 3D coordinate points from three different ray intersections can be calculated. This Triple Scan Principle offers advantages for measuring reflective surfaces and objects with indentations. The result is complete measuring data without holes or erratic points.

Assured Measuring Data Quality

ATOS sensors are self-monitoring systems. The sensors identify changing ambient conditions during operation. The software of the sensors is continuously monitoring the calibration status, the transformation accuracy, environmental changes and part movements to ensure the quality of the measuring data.

Blue Light Equalizer

GOM’s projection technology works with narrow-band, blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition. In addition, ATOS 5 is equipped with a Blue Light Equalizer, which increases the brightness of the light source by a factor of 1.5 and transmits uniform, non-coherent, speckle-free light to the projection unit. The Blue Light Equalizer of ATOS 5 is so powerful that even on unconventional surfaces short measuring times can be achieved and the precise coverage of complex geometries is possible.

Laser Light Compressor

The light processing of the ATOS 5X is extended by a Laser Light Compressor, which bundles several laser elements to generate an extremely bright light source on the based on laser light. The light, which is up to eight times brighter, is particularly resistant to ambient light influences and enables measuring areas of up to 1,000 mm and extremely short exposure times. This reduces the number of required scans, simplifies the measuring setup and shortens the measuring time.

Automated Measurement in Industrial Production

With the ATOS ScanBox series, GOM offers standardized optical 3D coordinate measuring machines for efficient and serial quality control in the production and manufacturing process. The automated systems allow a high throughput by improving the process reliability at the same time.

ATOS Professional – 3D Scanning and Inspection Software

ATOS Professional offers numerous additional functions for controlling GOM hardware and for generating accurate 3D surface data. This guarantees high process security at all times. The intuitive operating concept makes it possible to implement all measuring tasks easily and flexibly. 


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