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Injection Molding Material Properties

Material Properties

Material Properties

Determination of Material Parameters

Material manufacturers use testing procedures to determine material properties and create material cards. The knowledge of plastic properties is a reliable basis for adequate component design (CAD), the development of a functioning tool, realistic simulation (CAE) and the optimization of product variants, tool layout and injection molding processes. With the optical 3D testing system ARAMIS from GOM, a variety of tests are made on material specimens to determine material behavior and material parameters.


  • Tensile tests, pressure tests, shear and bending tests
  • Anisotropy and Young’s modulus
  • Flow curve
  • N-Value, R-Value
  • Comparison and choice of materials


Determining the material behavior such as elastic and plastic strain values as well as the effect of fiber direction and fiber length optimizes the material selection. Reproducible determination of material characteristics for new compounds, identification of quality variations within a batch of material and incoming goods inspection.