Inspection Basic Training – 3D Metrology

Basic Training GOM Inspect Pro

Basic Training GOM Inspect Pro

Taking the first steps in a new software environment can feel overwhelming. Therefore, we have created a basic training that guides you through all the essentials of working with GOM inspection software – from opening the software for the first time to reporting and exporting your final results.

This training will not only explain all the fundamental tools of the GOM 3D metrology software, but will let you see the underlying recurring concepts and workflows, so that you will feel confident to tackle your very own inspection tasks. During the training, you will perform inspections of increasing complexity and analyze, for example, the distances, diameters and angles of measuring objects. You will also learn how to create and use templates, how to perform alignments, how to create reports and how to identify and solve common problems on your own.

Target Group  First-time users of GOM software for 3D surface evaluation
GOM product GOM Inspect Pro
GOM Volume Inspect
Prerequisites AUKOM Level 1 (recommended)
Duration 3 days
Dates & Registration You can find the current training dates in the GOM Training Center

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