GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

Checking the production process with trend analyses

Checking the production process with trend analyses

The challenge

In series production, it is important to ensure the process security of production because every part is supposed to have the exact same quality. That is why it is necessary to continuously monitor whether and to what extent the production process is changing.


The solution

ATOS systems with high measuring speed and assured measuring data quality support the monitoring of the production process efficiently. Optical metrology helps to observe how the production deviates over time. Checking parts from series production fully and regularly opens up the following possibilities:

  1. Such an inspection shows how the entire surface of serial parts varies. This helps to estimate how stable the production process is.
  2. It is possible to analyze trends at every surface point of the part and for every feature, such as whole position or trimming points. In this way, critical developments can be found in time.
  3. Any statistic analysis can be carried out for every surface point and feature.

The benefits

Real-time trend analyses
of the entire part surface based on full-field measurements
Analysis of the development
of part deviations at every point of the part
Improved maintenance and repair planning
of tools as well as avoiding the production of scrap by observing the changes in trend during the production process

GOM Solutions for every process step

The flexible 3D coordinate measuring systems ATOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS are used in all process steps of metal forming. Learn more about how GOM systems optimize the individual forming processes to ensure quality and process reliability.





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