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Enter the world of 3D metrology!

Metrology to Go is our platform to share our enthusiasm and know-how for 3D metrology with you. The worldwide available videos allow you to deepen your know-how outside the measuring room.

For beginners and metrology fans, we have compiled an entertaining overview of the basics of optical 3D metrology. Get to know our colleague Dokus, who explains how it works ...

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning - Episode 5 (1:42)

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning

Curious about 3D measuring technology? Our metrology expert Dokus presents basic knowledge "to go". Get to know Dokus and see how easy it is to get from a full 3D scan of a part to a complete inspection.

Trailer: Dokus Presents 3D Scanning (0:46)

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning - Episode 1 (2:01)

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning - Episode 2 (1:43)

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning - Episode 3 (2:05)

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning - Episode 4 (1:22)

Dokus Presents 3D Scanning - Episode 5 (1:42)


From step-by-step setup instructions to more advanced tutorials and expert hacks: This platform is made for learning. For getting inspired. And for finding the support you need to deliver 3D scanning excellence. This platform is made for you.


Innovations made by GOM

What would 3D metrology be without GOM innovations? For almost 30 years, GOM has been shaping optical metrology with ever more current and application-oriented developments. Find out about the latest trends such as virtual clamping or the detection of surface defects.

What ist Virtual Clamping? (1:52)

Automated surface inspection with ATOS (1:51)

Explore the potential of ATOS sensors

ATOS 5, ATOS 5X and ATOS 5 for Airfoil form a powerful trio. These high-speed sensors provide three-dimensional measuring data quickly and precisely for numerous scanning and analysis tasks in industrial quality assurance. Soon, another model in the ATOS range will set new standards for speed, data quality and precision. Come back and see for yourself!

Product Design Process of the ATOS 5 Product Family (1:52)

Get the highest data quality with ATOS 5 for Airfoil (0:35)

Speed up your process with the ATOS 5 for Airfoil (0:32)

eLearning Courses

Are you looking for content to learn from anywhere at any time? Either you're a beginner or an expert, choose out of a wide range of online trainings for automotive, casting or injection molding applications.

Why get GOM Inspect Professional (1:42)

How to Evaluate Your Part with GOM Inspect (6:43)

GOM Inspect-How to Take Your Workflow and Results to the Next Level (4:13)

eLearning Preview: GOM Inspection Basic Training – 3D Metrology (19:43)

eLearning Preview: ATOS Core Essential Line Basic Training (3:29)

eLearning Preview: Digital Assembly in Car Body Manufacturing (2:54)

Getting ahead with GOM

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Discover GOM Inspect.

Wrapped in an intuitive and user-friendly interface, this powerful and versatile inspection software offers every inspection and evaluation solution you could possibly need.

Easy. Efficient. Everything you need.

GOM Inspect - User Interface (5:39)

GOM Inspect - Data Import (4:30)

GOM Inspect - Simple Inspection (5:52)

GOM Inspect - Trend, SPC and Deformation Analysis (2:25)

Experience GOM Correlate.

This system-independent software for 3D testing data delivers point-based and full-field measurements for strain, 3D displacement, 3D deformations as well as velocity and acceleration.

3D Testing

The ARAMIS Sensors offer you real-time dynamic measurements of 3D motions and deformations. Learn more about the adjustable concept and inform yourself about analyzing thermal and mechanical deformations and identifying operational deflection shapes in our webinars.

Analyzing thermal and mechanical deformations with ARAMIS DIC and Thermography (20:00)

Identifying operational deflection- and mode shapes with optical 3D metrology (40:09)

ARAMIS Adjustable - Modular Concept (0:52)

Optical Metrology for the Casting Industry

Learn more about the full-field digitization of molds and mold cores, digital assembly, analysis of material thickness, formation of burr and automated measurement of cast parts in series.

Automated 3D Coordinate Measuring Technology with ATOS (Software Demo) (12:46)

Troubleshooting in Casting and Foundry Processes (Software Demo) (15:45)

Quality Assurance for Pattern and Mold Making (10:18)

Tracking and Back Projection for Tool Making and Cast Parts (12:22)

3D-Analysis of Multiple Parts for Casting and Foundry Industry (9:00)

Production Quality Control of Cast Parts: Automated Inspection and Trend Analysis (11:57)

Optical Metrology for the Plastics and Injection Molding Industry

Intro TeDiscover the advantages of optical 3D metrology in the plastics industry. Our knowledge tracks guide you through the first steps and explain how to convert your measurement project into a template. Experience optical metrology in tool making and learn more about how to align and analyze different parts in a digital assembly.

Introduction to optical metrology (15:55)

Using project templates for optical metrology projects (16:34)

Optical measuring technology in toolmaking (17:59)

Digital assembly (20:35)




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