Japan User Meeting 2009

12/2009On the 9th December 2009 Marubeni held their GOM User Meeting in the Tokyo Conference Center in Shinagawa. More than 120 interested users and potential customers visited this event.

In presentations, the current supplied systems and customized solutions offering and upgrade possibilities were introduced and discussed in detail. In addition the upcoming software was shown in an early version. The demonstrated ease of use with optimized process support will be available for all newly installed scanning systems from GOM in the upcoming year.

We were also very privileged to listen to excellent customer presentations outlining the use and benefit of their GOM optical measuring systems in their daily work and strive for better quality products and higher efficiency.
Honda Engineering described the use of their scanners in the complete process from the CAD up to the industrial production, including product development, tooling, product verification up to the pilot production and the process control in industrial production.

IHI Castings from Akishima specializes in casting of complex shaped and demanding parts. These blades, runners, etc. are produced using investment casting technology. Extensive application reports and benchmark results involving all major measuring technologies were carried out and prove the value of the scanning with ATOS.

Kimura from Shizuoka discussed the use of the ATOS system for the scanning of very big parts, mainly bright white foam models and dark sand casted blanks, with up to 8x3x2.7m size and multiple tons weight. Kimura use the system with 2x1.6 meter measuring area and showed video of the system in action, to the participants demonstrating the very short measuring time and huge benefit of the use of the system in similar applications.
Materialise Japan showed to benefit to use optical scanning in product development and rapid production. The three systems installed at Materialise are in operation for scanning service and internal process support and quality control applications.

Thank you, speakers and attendees for your valuable contributions and feedback. Thank you Marubeni team for this well organized User Meeting and your perfect product show with all our products engaged in typical applications.

A note to all GOM users, please keep us and our distributors informed about your needs and vision in optical scanning as we are defining the user interface and can respond to your needs and suggestions.