ARAMIS Accelerates Certification Tests at Liebherr-Aerospace

02/2017Liebherr-Aerospace uses ARAMIS for structural testing on landing gear components. Thus, the company is able to determine point-based and full-field part deformations and reduce testing times.

The optical deformation measuring system ARAMIS is fully integrated into Liebherr’s series of tests. The system is deployed in limit strength tests and life cycle tests. Whereas in strength tests the landing gear system must demonstrate its structural integrity, during endurance tests, cyclical loads are applied to the landing gear structure via hydraulic cylinders. Thus, displacements throughout the complete landing gear can be analyzed under various load conditions. ARAMIS accelerates comprehensive test campaigns significantly – particularly regarding the test setup.

Unlike conventional measuring methods such as strain gauges or cable transducers, ARAMIS determines both point-based and full-field three-dimensional displacements and strains in landing gear components. Using point-based measuring data, 6DoF analyses are performed to determine translational and rotational motions in relationship to each other or as absolute movements in all directions in space. Detailed measuring data on the material behavior are used, for example, to adjust simulation parameters. In addition, conclusions on the fatigue strength behavior throughout the entire life cycle can be drawn.

Liebherr evaluates its measuring data with the ARAMIS Professional software and rates the simplified workflow as an essential advantage of the new system. Due to the parametric concept, adjustments can be made during the test run and during post processing. At the push of a button, all corresponding elements are updated automatically.

The complete application note is available as PDF.