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GOM Blade Inspect Pro

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GOM Blade Inspect Pro

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Cutting-edge technology in the sky: Modern aircraft are constantly exposed to environmental conditions, subjected to severe stress and are often used to transport passengers and air cargo. The aerospace industry uses CMMs and optical measurement systems for quality analysis and  to measure parts or entire aircraft and to create digital twins at a high speed. GOM Blade Inspect Pro is a powerful analysis and inspection software for both tactile and optical data. You can use GOM Blade Inspect Pro to evaluate the status of any turbine part at any time during its life cycle: During the design phase, the manufacturing process, routine maintenance or if there are necessary repairs. The software features analysis tools that were tailor-made for the inspection of blades and airfoils. 

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Current Software Release 2022

Discover the most important changes and convince yourself of the ZEISS Quality Suite! Do you use GOM Inspect, GOM Volume Inspect, GOM Correlate or GOM Blade Inspect? Learn all about the top features. You can also book webinars or training courses.

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Inspecting components in the aviation industry or gas turbine parts requires expertise and experience - this is where GOM Blade Inspect Pro comes in saving your time and money. Benefit continuously from the latest release features with a software maintenance agreement. 


Whichever system you use, with GOM Blade Inspect you can evaluate and analyze your CMM or optical 3D data and create comprehensive reports.