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GOM Volume Inspect Pro

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GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Volume data analysis

GOM Volume Inspect Pro features numerous functions that users can automate and program according to their needs. You can directly import all common formats of your CT data – irrespective of which computed tomography system you use for measuring.

GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Feature highlights

Virtual compensation of warpage on plastic parts

With De-Warp, you can measure your parts in a virtually clamped state and thus save time and costs.

  • No need for a fixture
  • Reduce scrap
  • Assess your parts correctly

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GOM De-Warp

Enhanced volume visualization

With Volume Detail View you can simultaneously display volume sections from different angles. This gives you an optimal orientation in the volume and is helpful to analyze your component in even greater detail. Transparency and color design are customizable. Use individual color plots for a clear and structured visualization of part features and material density in the volume.

Volume separation of batch scans

After having scanned several parts “in one shot” in the CT, you can now extract parts one by one out of the batch volume by using the Volume Separation function - thus simplifying individual evaluations or part-to-part comparisons.

Presenting results via video

Not only can you move virtually through each layer of your component, now you can also record video clips as you move along, save the evaluation and share it with others. The videos will make your analysis results even more compelling. Use it to explain complex component information in an easy way.

More Features of GOM Volume Inspect

GOM Volume Inspect Pro at a glance

Intuitive operation, high performance: Never have CT data analyses been easier! GOM Volume Inspect Pro supports the complete workflow: from data acquisition, CT data import and polygonization to extensive analyses and reporting.

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Interactive display of volume data
Display your data in 3D and 2D volume sections
Metrological evaluation
3D inspections of geometric elements (including GD&T)
Analysis of internal defects
Shrinkage cavities, cracks, inclusion, porosity, and so on
Result visualization
Full-field target/actual comparisons with color-coded visualization
Evaluation of several components
Trend analysis and part-to-part comparison
Automation functions
Automated evaluations and customized functions

GOM Volume Inspect combines powerful volume features with innovative measuring tools

Be more productive with GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Individual inspections with maximum efficiency

Visualize and inspect CT data with GOM Volume Inspect and gain highly precise information on the quality of your measurement objects. You want to customize visualizations, evaluations and records of geometries, defects, structures and assembly situations with just a few clicks? Then check out the full range of automation and customization functionalities.

CT data analysis with the free version of GOM Volume Inspect

The complete workflow for CT data analysis in 3D

Intuitive operation, high performance: Never have CT data analyses been easier!
Import your data into the software using drag & drop. View your components from all sides, make cross-sections wherever you like and move through it layer by layer. Evaluate every element – even internal structures and compare actual data to the CAD. Save your analysis results systematically as a pdf measurement report and share it with your colleagues and customers.

GOM Volume Inspect Pro in action

Visual inspection of a rechargeable battery

Goal: Inspect critical components of a rechargeable battery to check it for defects. 

Solution: After scanning the battery with a computed tomography system, the CT data is evaluated in GOM Volume Inspect Pro. The software creates digital sectional views at any given point on the battery. You can customize the image details and contrast, which reveal even minute details and material differences in superb quality. Typical problematic areas near the anode overhang, tramp material or defective welding points are also detected without fault.

Visual inspection of a rechargeable battery

Metrological evaluation of geometrical elements and defects

Goal: 3D inspection of an injection-molded part with a rubber ring.

Solution: The CT and CAD data of the part are imported into GOM Volume Inspect Pro. You can conduct a target/actual comparison and wall thickness analysis in the software to evaluate component quality and to optimize tooling, if necessary. The software visualizes dimensional variations in a color profile which displays shrinkage and warpage in distinct colors. GD&T evaluations for the component – including its internal structures – and extensive reporting complete this inspection.

3D inspections geometric elements

Detailed defect inspection of an injection-molded part

Goal: Detailed defect inspection for inclusions and voids.

Solution: To ensure strict quality requirements the injection-molded part is inspected for inclusions and voids and subjected to an in-depth metrological evaluation. When it comes to inspecting internal structures, GOM Volume Inspect Pro offers dedicated measuring tools that analyze the porosity of your component, its defect dimensions and their distance from the outer shell or CAD. Tolerance ranges for their specific classifications can be applied.

Detection and analysis of internal defects

What our customers say

GOM Volume Inspect Pro at ODW-ELEKTRIK

"From my point of view, GOM Volume Inspect – compared to other CT software packages – is the leader in the measurement of freeform surfaces. Since implementing the software, we have been able to precisely analyze the surface profile, for example of very small radii, during GD&T inspection, and execute a tolerance comparison (target/actual comparison). Elements that were previously unmeasurable for us can now be analyzed and measured in a comparably simple way."


Bernd Föller, Team Leader Measurement Laboratory at ODW-ELEKTRIK, Germany

GOM Volume Inspect Pro at Testo SE & Co. KGaA

“When we must qualify new parts, we use computed tomography and GOM Volume Inspect for metrological evaluations of incoming plastic parts and, in some instances, also for die-cast parts. We used to measure the parts with a CMM that was equipped with auxiliary devices. It took us up to two days to measure 30 to 40 measuring points. Depending on the complexity of the part, it now takes only two to three hours to inspect the part with GOM Volume Inspect and we obtain much more detailed information about the component."


Wilhelm Stehle, Group Leader Metrology for Parts at Testo SE & Co. KGaA, Germany

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Our experts present GOM Volume Inspect Pro to you in an individual online demo  - specifically for your application with your own component or a standard demo project.

Our experts will show you:

  • Advanced inspection and volume visualization features
  • Volume defect analysis (P203)
  • Customization features
  • Automated processes and project templates


Free Trial

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Start now with the 14-day trial version of GOM Volume Inspect Pro - without any contractual obligation, and test for example the parametric inspection or use templates. After the trial period you can continue to use the basic version of GOM Volume Inspect free of charge or purchase a Pro license.

Key features of GOM Volume Inspect Pro:

  • Visual inspection of volume data in 2D and 3D
  • Defect analysis
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Volume processing
  • Reporting including videos
  • Automation and customization features

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Features of GOM Viewer:

  • Open projects
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Current Software Release 2021

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