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GOM Inspect Pro - Industry standard for 3D inspections and evaluations

GOM Inspect Pro

Industry standard for 3D inspections and evaluations

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GOM Inspect Pro

Raise inspection to the next level

GOM Inspect Pro is your software for detailed evaluations of 3D data. Use GOM Inspect Pro for simple or complex inspection tasks - from capturing the part to be inspected, mesh processing, CAD import, necessary GD&T calculations to trend analyses, digital assembly or proprietary inspections.  

GOM Inspect Pro will save you time and money. Due to its active parametric concept, all work steps are traceable and you can create project templates at any given point in your current project. Accordingly, you will obtain accurate results even faster than before.

GOM Inspect Pro Features

Optimize your process with GOM Inspect Pro

In addition to its basic features, GOM Inspect Pro boasts many new features that will simplify your process and routine jobs - thus saving time and costs. 

Parametric Concept

Faster with project templates

GOM Inspect Pro uses a basic parametric concept. This way you can trace and transfer all process steps in your project. Speed up your inspection – e.g. by using project templates – thus allowing for faster and very easy evaluations of identical components.


Python interface

Customize your software

The Python interface captures, saves and edits all operations performed in GOM Inspect Pro. In addition, the GOM software offers fast and simplified data access for complex scientific computations using Python.



Control and plan automated measurements

Thanks to the extra software module Virtual Measuring Room (VMR), you can plan and execute automatic measurement procedures in GOM Inspect Pro without any robotics skills. 


Multiple features

Optimize individual processes

Change the GOM Inspect Pro settings to accommodate your needs and use specific features for your metrology workflow. Popular features:

  • Trend analysis
  • Digital assembly
  • or Virtual Clamping

You can also add expert features from the GOM packages to your software.


Virtual compensation of warpage on plastic parts

With De-Warp, you can measure your parts in a virtually clamped state and thus save time and costs.

  • No need for a fixture
  • Reduce scrap
  • Assess your parts correctly

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GOM De-Warp

GOM Inspect Pro in action

Let’s see what other customers do with GOM Inspect Pro and have a look at its amazing versatility.


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing of a component

You can use the GD&T functions to determine whether a bore hole is manufactured with the proper fit, whether it has the correct direction or whether existing form errors are within the permissible limits.

Digital assembly

Assemble your products digitally

Do you manufacture your components at different sites? With GOM Inspect Pro's digital assembly you can easily verify whether the different components match, or which ones have the best-fit (cross-mating).


Create detailed reports

After having completed the inspection, you will want to present your results in a visually appealing layout. With GOM Inspect Pro you do not need an extra program for that purpose. Instead, you can create your report with images, tables, diagrams and texts at the push of a button.

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Experience the numerous advantages of GOM Inspect Pro - with our free trial version. Convince yourself of the extensive functions of the Pro license for 14 days. Or experience live in a demo with our experts how GOM Inspect Pro can support you in your daily work.

Product demonstration

See GOM Inspect Pro live

Experience the software in action


Our experts present GOM Inspect Pro to you in an individual online demo - specifically for your application with your own component or a standard demo project.

Our experts will show you:

  • Active parametric approach
  • Customization features
  • Automation in Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)
  • Increase efficiency using project templates


Free Trial

Test GOM Inspect Pro

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Start now with the 14-day trial version of GOM Inspect Pro - without any contractual obligation, and test for example the parametric inspection or use templates. After the trial period you can continue to use the basic version of GOM Inspect free of charge or purchase a Pro license.

Key features of GOM Inspect Pro:

  • Import of CAD data
  • Mesh processing
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Python interface
  • Reporting
  • Digital assembly
  • Extension with modules like Virtual Clamping possible

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GOM Viewer

Open Projects


Load existing projects and perform basic inspections - with GOM Viewer.

Features of GOM Viewer:

  • Open projects
  • Basic inspections
  • Reporting


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