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Cutting-edge technology in the sky: Modern aircrafts are constantly exposed to environmental conditions, subjected to severe stress and are often used to transport passengers and air cargo. The aerospace industry uses GOM 3D metrology systems to measure components or entire aircrafts and to create digital twins at a high speed. GOM Blade Inspect Pro is a powerful analysis and inspection software that supports the systems in the background. You can use GOM Blade Inspect Pro to evaluate the status of any turbine part at any time during its life cycle: during the design phase, the manufacturing process, routine maintenance or in the event of necessary repairs.

The software features analysis tools that were tailor-made for the aerospace industry. Extensive know-how - e.g. in the fields of aerodynamic profiles or structural parts - has been incorporated into the software design. With GOM Blade Inspect Pro you will be even more efficient: workflows take less time, the active parametric kernel supports all the repetitive processes you want to automate.

GOM Blade Inspect Pro Features

GOM Blade Inspect Pro – advantages for you

Inspecting components in the aviation industry or gas turbine parts requires extensive expertise and experience - this is where the experts come in. GOM Blade Inspect Pro caters to experts and their needs - saving your time and money.

Features for experts

GOM Blade Inspect comes with features designed specifically for measuring and inspecting various aircraft and gas turbine components, including turbine blades, guide vanes and wing products. You can execute axial, bitangential or aerodynamic analyses that are specific to certain industries, or inspect the mean profile value or skeleton lines in the software. The automatic surface deviation calculation provides the digital data for visual inspections. You can identify production residues, wear and tear, and surface defects and use the data for adaptive machining.

Features for aerospace experts


With GOM Blade Inspect you can meet requirements of individual companies or use proprietary measurement requirements – no problem at all. Trend analysis, digital assembly, virtual clamping, you name it, GOM Blade Inspect Pro boasts a wide variety of features. 

You can retrieve even more features from the GOM Packages and add them to your software. The packages offer ready-made solutions, e.g. an efficient blisk measurement which comes in handy when you want to optimize your blisk inspections. We also offer tailor-made packages which will streamline and standardize your work processes and thus reduce process fluctuations. You can download the packages directly in your GOM Suite or in GOM Blade Inspect Pro.

Feature Overview

Parametric concept

GOM Blade Inspect Pro is based on a parametric concept which speeds up your inspection and facilitates recurring processes.


Current Software Release

Discover the most important changes and convince yourself of the GOM Suite! Do you use GOM Inspect, GOM Volume Inspect, GOM Correlate or GOM Blade Inspect? Learn all about the top features. You can also book webinars or training courses.

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GOM Blade Inspect Pro: examples of use

Read how other customers profit from the amazing versatility of the software.

Measuring and analyzing blisks

After completing the inspection of a single blade, GOM Blade Inspect Pro can automatically repeat it for any number of blades on the blisk. The automatic position generation helps the user to capture the entire blisk and simplifies the inspection process.

Measuring and analyzing guide vanes

A guide vane consists of an airfoil, a hub and a shroud. Inspecting an entire guide vane with GOM Blade Inspect Pro is no problem at all.

Measuring and analyzing drums

Drums consist of several blisks. These blisks are friction welded to form a drum. GOM Blade Inspect Pro can also inspect drums in their entirety.

Measuring and analyzing blisks with GOM Blade Inspect

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Our experts present GOM Blade Inspect Pro to you in an individual online demo - specifically for your application with your own component or a standard demo project.

Our experts will show you:

  • User-defined inspection principles
  • Automation and customization features
  • Scripting possibilities
  • Special airfoil feature packages


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Start now with the 14-day trial version of GOM Blade Inspect Pro - without any contractual obligation, and test for example the parametric inspection or use templates. After the trial period you can continue to use the basic version of GOM Blade Inspect free of charge or purchase a Pro license.

Key features of GOM Blade Inspect:

  • Import of CAD data
  • Airfoil inspection workspace
  • Advanced analyses
  • Active parametric kernel
  • Customization features and project templates
  • Intuitive actual/target comparison
  • Easy visualization of your results

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