GOM Software 2017 Beta - Insight Into Development and Feedback

At the beginning of July, GOM launches its new GOM Software 2017 including new functions and enhancements relating to 3D metrology and 3D testing.

Highlights of the GOM Software 2017:

  • Robogrammetry for ATOS ScanBox
  • ATOS measuring data – post processing performance
  • Open data architecture in ARAMIS

In April, you will have the chance to gain a first impression of the new software version in the form of the GOM Software 2017 Beta Newsletter. The newsletter is addressed to all customers of GOM Professional software versions. Besides interesting facts on the new software version, the GOM Software 2017 Beta Newsletter includes video tutorials presenting some of the new software functions. Furthermore, GOM offers webinars which provide a deeper, application-based insight into selected new software functions.

Open Beta Starting in May

The open beta version of the GOM Software 2017 will be available for download in early May allowing you to check out the new software functions. The GOM Software 2017 can be installed and used parallel to the current GOM software, so you gain an insight into new software functions and enhancements. Feel free to share your feedback in the GOM Software 2017 Beta Feedback Forum. GOM’s software developers will respond to any feedback and questions shared in this forum.

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