ATOS ScanBox: Mobile Plug and play solution for automated 3D metrology

05/2012GOM sets new standards in automated inspection with its new ATOS ScanBox. The mobile turnkey concept is the ideal solution for automatic measurement and inspection. ATOS ScanBox is quickly operational and combines flexible usage with maximum reliability.

In industrial environments automated inspection cells have become an important part of various manufacturing processes. Implementation of specialized cells and putting their individual components into operation has been very costly and time-consuming in the past. The ATOS ScanBox from GOM is ready to use immediately since it is the first standardized solution including all components for automated measurement and inspection. The mobile plug-and-play concept needs only a power connection and a floor space of 11m².

The ATOS ScanBox consists of a portable housing with specifically selected components to ensure that it can be transported on standard pallets and put into operation quickly and easily at any location also within a production environment. With its compact exterior dimensions, it can be loaded with components of up to 2 meters in diameter and height and weight up to 500 kg.

Turnkey solution with short shipping times

The mobile turnkey solution comes exclusively with proven and selected components. These include the 3D sensor ATOS Triple Scan, which was developed specifically for high-resolution optical 3D measurement and automatic use in industrial production scenarios. Other components are a robot with optimal reach and professional cabling, an industry proven turntable and a professional user terminal. To operate the inspection cell and evaluate the data only one software package is used. Thus no different project partners need to be coordinated for concept design, installation, training and support, since the customer can now rely on one point of contact for everything. Short shipping times and quick startup are other positive aspects of this new concept.

Secure, easy and fast inspection reporting

The ATOS ScanBox guarantees maximum security during the measurement and inspection processes. Since the inspection cell is enclosed in a housing, there is no risk for users and no need for the security approvals which would otherwise be necessary when working with robots. The professional system protects both the components and the parts from collisions. In the VMR software solution (Virtual Measuring Room), which is the central component of the ATOS ScanBox, complete measurement processes can be planned quickly and easily and programmed without the need for conventional scripts. The VMR represents the ATOS ScanBox’s real environment down to the smallest detail, and enables robot control with simple drag-and-drop commands as well as offline programming. Specialized personnel is therefore no longer required.

ATOS ScanBox: The solution for OEMs and suppliers of all industrial branches

The mobile turnkey solution for automated shape and dimension analysis with inspection planning, robot programming and inspection reporting has already convinced customers with different requirements from the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries as well as from the consumer goods sector. They include OEMs and suppliers such as Daimler, VW, Rolls Royce, Bosch, Eisenwerk Brühl, Dräxlmaier, Delcam and many more.