GOM Inspect Software

Evaluation Software for 3D measuring data

GOM Inspect Professional and GOM Inspect are software packages for the analysis of 3D measuring data for quality control, product development and production. The GOM software is used to evaluate 3D measuring data derived from GOM systems, 3D scanners, laser scanners, CTs, CMMs and other sources.

3D Meshes and CAD

Import of CAD data, measurement plans and 3D point clouds, creation and editing of polygon meshes.

3D Inspection

Alignment of measuring data to nominal data, dimensional analysis (2D, 3D, GD&T, SPC) and creation of measuring reports.

Free Viewer

GOM Inspect is a free viewer for 3D scan data, measuring reports and CAD data.

Certified Software for 3D Metrology

In order to ensure precise measurement accuracy, both GOM Inspect Professional and GOM Inspect software have been tested and certified by PTB and NIST institutions. The accuracy of the evaluation software is tested by comparing the results from the software with reference results. The GOM software has been placed in Category 1, the category with the smallest measurement deviations.

Data Import


The GOM software has many interfaces for importing measuring data from different sources like laser scanners, white light scanners, CMMs and CTs. Data can be processed, filtered and thinned in the software. Common and neutral as well as native formats are available for importing CAD data.

Full-Field Analysis

Deviation Plots Derived from Point Clouds

A significant advantage of the optical metrology is the full-field evaluation and visualization in color-coded deviation plots. In this way, problematic areas of parts can be identified intuitively and respective measures can be derived.

  • FTA/PMI: GOM supports interfaces for digital transfers of inspection features
  • GD&T analysis based on ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5 standards
  • Multiple alignments within one project: automatic pre-alignment, RPS, 3-2-1, plane-line-point, best-fit hierarchical, alignments based on local coordinate systems, …
  • CAD comparison: surface, sections, points, …
  • CAD-based generation of geometric elements: lines, planes, circles, cylinders, cones, …
  • 2D section-based analysis
  • Construction and measurement planning: dimensions, virtual calipers, angles, diameters, …

Application-Specific Analyses

Functions for Special Tasks

CT Data Inspection

Using the GOM Inspect software, you can easily import volume data in all common formats such as *.vgi, *.vgl, *.pcr, *.exv or *.rek and inspect the surface as usual. All surfaces – even internal
structures – can be used for shape and dimension analyses or nominal/actual comparisons.

Visual Programming

Evaluations - Measurements - Workflows

With the parametric concept of the software, the simple creation of templates is possible – directly in the graphical user interface and without the need for programming skills.

  • Parametric inspection: trend/SPC analysis, Teaching by Doing, …
  • Reporting: first article inspection, tables (e.g. VDA), free definable report templates, screen presentation of reports, videos from stage projects, manual and automatic positioning of labels, …
  • Additional VMR software module for automatic measuring procedures: Import of measurement plans, offline and online programming, 3D simulation of measurements, collision check, process safety, data collection, inspection and measuring report

More details about the latest software features are available on www.gom-inspect.com.

Free GOM Inspect Software

GOM Inspect is a free 3D inspection and mesh processing software for the shape and dimension analysis of 3D point clouds and serves as a viewer for measuring results and CAD data. The free software is designed for users who process and evaluate 3D data.

In GOM Inspect, the parametric functionality is not fully available. It ensures the traceability of measuring data, however, the creation of templates, Teaching by Doing and the parametric inspection functionality are only available in GOM Inspect Professional.

Comparison GOM Inspect and GOM Inspect Professional

GOM Inspect in Use

GOM Inspect is used in the industry as inspection software, 3D viewer, communication tool and CAD converter. Application reports of well-known companies such as Miele, Bosch, BMW, TRW or Novo Nordisk are available on www.gom-inspect.com.

GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar

The one-day seminar provides an introduction to the software with practical exercises, including: Import of meshes, scan and CAD data, mesh processing, alignment, nominal-actual comparison, 3D inspection, 2D inspection, GD&T, material thickness analysis, 3D viewer, and many more. The registration is possible directly on the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar webpage.

GOM Inspect Video Tutorials

Three GOM Inspect video tutorials offer an introduction into the GOM Inspect software features. The videos help to understand how to use GOM Inspect and to try out applications that are especially suitable for your area of work.

Download and Upgrade

GOM Inspect can be downloaded free of charge, without obligations and any time limit on the GOM download page.
To upgrade to GOM Inspect Professional including additional features such as import of native CAD formats, active parametric functionality, creating trend projects and Teaching by Doing, please fill in the upgrade form.