News History

optical measuring technology in the ceramics industry 08/2008Ever more complex components, more sophisticated technical requirements, new materials and shorter product cycles pose new challenges and tasks for the ceramic industry as development times are continuously being shortened. Optical 3D measuring technology can provide advantages in all stages of product development of a ceramic product, e.g. during tool and mold development as well as during the production process.>
07/2008We are pleased to welcome AIE - Advanced Industry & Education Equipment Co., Ltd. as our new distributor in Vietnam.>
02/2008The Science Module Structure of LISA Pathfinder - the precursor for ESA’s ambitious LISA mission to detect gravitational waves - is designed to fulfil extremely stringent thermo-elastic distortion requirements. The emphasis of this abstract is the accurate measurement of the thermo-elastic performance in a dedicated distortion test.>
02/2005With the new release (version 5.4), GOM provides also a 64 bit version of the software. >
02/2005The next software version is available providing multiple improvements for all products. We created numerous new features in all software packages and improved many of the existing features.>