News History

10/2012At our first Open House event, which was held on September 13, 2012, we experienced just how fast a day can pass with exciting talks, live presentations and a pleasant atmosphere at GOM UK's new address in Coventry.>
10/2012The Capture 3D Measurement Innovation Conference and 3D Expo was held on August 21 to 23, 2012 in Costa Mesa, California and was attended by over 170 customers and prospects.>
09/2012With its new software version, GOM offers a broad array of new function developments which improve the efficiency of the measurement process, making inspection and analysis faster and easier.>
09/2012Starting today, the website is also available in Italian. This step is designed to give existing and prospective customers in Italy a better insight and understanding of metrology solutions from GOM.>
09/2012At the international trade show BI-MU in Milan, Italy, GOM presents once again its state-of-the-art sensor technology, efficient measuring and inspection software and tailor-made 3D metrology solutions. >
09/2012GOM will be offering a new 3D software version with an expanded and optimized range of functions for inspection and analysis of data records from September 10, 2012. >
09/2012Take this opportunity to register today for the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar.>
GOM UK Open House Event 2012 08/2012On September 13, 2012 from 10 am until 17 pm our GOM office in England will invite you to discover the latest GOM technologies - Sign up now!>
ATOS ScanBox in use 08/2012Two films showing the complete workflow of the optical 3D measuring machine.>
07/2012GOM Italia offices will be closed for summer holidays from August 10th, to August 27th 2012 (incl.).>
06/2012For the 10th time GOM held the Optical Metrology conference in Braunschweig, Germany. More than 600 participants from 40 countries accepted the invitation to this year´s GOM Conference, which took place from June 18th till June 21st.>
06/2012 Updated program available>
06/2012New access route to GOM head offices in Braunschweig due to roadworks >
GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars 06/2012Learn about using the GOM Inspect software>
New address in the UK 05/2012GOM UK Ltd. has moved within Coventry to the Cobalt Centre. The new business premises offer more space for the growing requirements of customer service and support in the UK. GOM can already be reached at the new address.>
05/2012GOM sets new standards in automated inspection with its new ATOS ScanBox. The mobile turnkey concept is the ideal solution for automatic measurement and inspection. ATOS ScanBox is quickly operational and combines flexible usage with maximum reliability.>
04/2012Airbus, BMW, EDAG, Eurocopter, Gedia, NASA, Rolls Royce, Samsung, Volkswagen, ...>
04/2012At the Automatica 2012 we will be presenting our complete range of 3D coordinate measuring systems including a new optical 3D measuring machine setting new standards in automated 3D metrology solutions. Using the GOM automated metrology solutions, inspection in the entire process chain becomes an integral part of quality assurance in production processes.>
04/2012Experience the new mile stones in Optical 3D-Metrology including a plug & play optical 3D measuring machine with touch screen technology, state of the art 3D scanning technology, powerful, free inspection and mesh processing software solutions and material testing and dynamic component testing systems all allowing faster and efficient quality control. >
03/2012Our distributor network is being extended in the area of digital material and component testing to include Dom 3D Ltd. The company will offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of deformation on the Chinese market. With this addition, GOM is gaining an experienced partner for its customer support team in this field.>
GOM Inspect portable Version 03/2012GOM Inspect now also available as portable version >
Application Note - Foundry Processes 03/2012Already before the first article inspection (FAI) of the casting, 3-D shape and dimensional analyses provide reliable information for quality control and targeted process optimization. >
01/2012Optical Metrology 2012 is an international conference for integration of optical measuring techniques in industry and research. The conference offers a platform to exchange experiences about measurement solutions and applications using the GOM optical measuring systems. Optical Metrology 2012 will take place from 18th - 21st June 2012 in Braunschweig, Germany.>
01/2012January 17-19, 2012, Nürnberg, Germany>
GOM Software V7.5 12/2011GOM is pleased to release the new V7.5 Software solutions. The V7.5 Software includes over 100+ innovative functions to achieve faster results, easier analysis and greater ease of use.>
12/2011To mark the coming festive season we would like to give something special in place of traditional gifts: namely, new perspectives.>
ATOS Compact Scan 12/2011A new class of scanner for 3D measurement and inspection>
10/2011Find out more during Euromold at our Booth H70 in Hall 8 about reducing try-out periods and first article inspection times from weeks to hours as well as about shorter product ramp-up and cost reduction within Design, Casting, Sheet Metal Forming and Injection Molding process chains.>
10/2011Mobile measuring without limits - Optical Metrology in Injection Molding>
09/2011Find out more how optical 3D metrology speeds up first article inspection, supports targeted tool correction and shortens product lead times within plastic and in injection molding process chains.>
Robtec Technology Seminar 2011 09/2011On August 25, the Robtec Technology Seminar 2011 took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. More than 400 participants from industry and research shared experiences about the use of optical metrology in Brazil.>
EMO 2011 08/2011Order a free admission ticket and find out more about the whole range of our state-of-the-art sensor technology, efficient measuring and inspection software and tailor-made 3D metrology solutions. >
08/2011"GOM Inspect is more than just a Viewer ..." - "New developments of the GOM 3D scanners ". These two topics introduced the GOM seminar which took place at MCAE in Kurim on in the middle of June 2011.>
GOM Inspect Video Tutorials in Chinese 07/2011The new language version is one in an ongoing series of additions to our range of video tutorials for GOM Inspect. Alongside the videos in German and English, a Chinese version is now also available.>
07/2011Companies such as Braun, BJB and Faurecia Interior Systems use GOM optical metrology systems to accelerate their processes and improve the quality of their components. Order your free copy of the GOM workshop CD, which contains all the presentations held at the workshop.>
GOM Workshop 06/2011This workshop offers injection molding experts from R&D, design, tooling & molding, quality control and manufacturing departments insights how optical 3D metrology speeds up first article inspection, supports targeted tool correction and shortens product lead times>
05/2011Trilion User Meeting in Philadelphia with additional customer training workshop>
04/2011New videos have been added to our range of tutorials for GOM Inspect. >
04/2011Experience the new mile stones in Optical 3D-Metrology: With ATOS Triple Scan 3D-Digitizer and GOM Inspect Professional you can now profit from both, faster and traceable quality control >
GOM-ARGON Workshop 04/2011This workshop offers you insights in the advantages of optical 3D measuring techniques in industrial process chains. >
04/2011GOM Italia presents an inspection cell to measure a sheet metal body with the new ATOS Triple Scan digitizer during A&T Turin>
Logo MECSPE 2011 03/2011GOM Italia presents new mobile 3D scanner ATOS Triple Scan and free inspection software>
GOM-ARGON Workshop 03/2011This workshop offers you insights in the advantages of optical 3D measuring techniques in industrial process chains. >
GOM Inspect Video Tutorials 03/2011GOM offers video tutorials and comprehensive user support for GOM Inspect>
GOM is now on Twitter 03/2011GOM is now using the popular microblogging service Twitter>
GOM Inspect 02/2011GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars in Germany and Sweden>
GOM Forum opened 01/2011Discuss issues, quickly find solutions and exchange experiences with software users.>
Automated Robot Inspection Cell 01/2011The press shop at BMW's Dingolfing plant relies on optical metrology systems including automation and standardization for inspection of sheet metal components. >
Merry Christmas 12/2010We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.>
12/2010World Premiere at Euromold 2010 >