News History

04/2014A&T exhibition 2014 in Turin is focusing on innovation in technology for a more competitive industrial production. For this reason, GOM is looking forward to show the brand new ATOS Core and ATOS Compact Scan to the Italian market. >
ATOS for Education - GOM's new education package 03/2014"ATOS for Education" is a complete package for theoretical and practical teaching at schools, higher education institutes and universities. The education package from GOM is used in various faculties and disciplines, including mechanical engineering, engineering, design or CAD/CAM.>
Foundry modernization with optical 3D metrology solutions 03/2014Shape and dimensional analysis of castings with tactile coordinate measuring systems has its limitations. Therefore, US steel foundry Bradken has implemented optical 3D metrology. This enables inspection processes to be accelerated.>
03/2014Numerical simulations are today widely used for research and development in all industries. This webinar details how optical metrology is used for the verification of numerical simulations.>
03/2014The company BJB reduced the tool release process from three or four weeks to three or four days due to GOM Inspect Professional. >
03/2014In response to the great demand for our GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar in March, we are now offering an additional event in Braunschweig on May 12, 2014. As participation is limited to ten persons per event, we advise you to register as soon as possible.>
03/2014A large audience met at the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar in Italy. During the well-attended presentation, participants learned about the numerous features of the GOM Inspect software: CAD import, mesh generation, the creation of multiple dimensional alignments and analysis, and GD&T.>
03/2014At the MECSPE Show 2014 in Parma from 27 to 29 March, GOM presents the new milestones in optical 3D metrology: ATOS Core and ATOS ScanBox 4105.>
02/2014The growing demand for design and product quality makes full-field and fast inspection of components necessary. That was the main conclusion drawn at the GOM Workshop "Industrial 3D Measurement Techniques in Casting & Forging Processes". >
02/2014Free GOM Inspect software convinced TRW in tests with the evaluation software of other measurement solutions. >
02/2014In November 2013, our Japanese partner Marubeni Information Systems hosted a GOM Conference in Tokyo and Nagoya, each involving about 100 participants.>
02/2014The next seminar will be held in Braunschweig on March 10, 2014. In a practically oriented environment, you will learn how to use the software most efficiently for your requirements and applications in 3D inspection and mesh processing or for the communication of measurement results. Here, you will find further dates, information and a register form.>
01/2014At its user meeting on December 19, 2013, our distributor AIE proudly presented the new ATOS Core scanners to local automotive manufacturers and their suppliers from the northern region of Vietnam. More than 40 attendees were present at the meeting in the Hanoi Communication Department in Vietnam’s capital.>
01/2014On December 17, 2013, our partner AIE organized an ATOS Core product show with presentations and live demonstrations in Ho Chi Minh City, exclusively addressing local shoe manufacturers.>
01/2014We are pleased to welcome ADVANCED 3D TECHNOLOGIES as our new distributor in Peru.>
01/2014Our partner First High Tech staged two successful user meetings in Malaysia and Singapore in December 2013.>
01/2014BMW has installed GOM Inspect as standard viewer and evaluation software on hundreds of computers in the plants of the BMW Group throughout the world.>
12/2013GOM presented its latest development in the successful ATOS ScanBox series at the Euromold 2013 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The ATOS ScanBox 4105 integrates the ATOS Core 3D scanner in an ATOS ScanBox automated measuring cell. The solution is used for automated measurement and inspection of small to medium parts and components.>
12/2013Like the years before, we want to support organizations that help our world instead of giving traditional presents for Christmas.>
12/2013On November 13 and 14, 2013, our Chinese partner DOM 3D organized a GOM workshop for around 50 customers and 30 interested parties at the “German Centre” in Shanghai.>
11/2013At the EuroMold 2013 in Hall 8, Booth H70 GOM will be presenting the newest developments in optical metrology and state-of-the art hardware and software solutions including the new ATOS ScanBox 4105. Additionally in Hall 11, Booth C45, GOM’s experts will be showcasing the new ATOS Core sensor.>
11/2013The automotive supplier GEDIA is taking a new approach to quality control: The company is replacing measuring technology based on tactile systems and gauges with full-surface optical 3D coordinate measurement.>
09/2013With more than 600 visitors, the GOM Conference proved to be an established forum for experts in metrology, quality control and product development. This year, the focus was on automated quality control and material and component testing.>
09/2013GOM Italia changes office in September: We will still be in Buccinasco (near Milan), but in street Via della Resistenza, only a few hundred meters from the previous location.>
07/2013Our partner Trilion organized two workshops in the USA at the end of June - cooperating with the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the University of Houston along with our partner Capture 3D.>
07/2013GOM Italia offices will be closed for summer holidays from August 12th, to August 23rd 2013 (incl.).>
Feature Highlight V7.5 SR2 - Motion Replay 06/2013Since 28 June 2013 the latest GOM software version V7.5 SR2 is on the market. The key function of the software is Motion Replay, which makes it easy to automate the measurement of small parts.>
06/2013The preliminary program for this year’s GOM Conference is now available.>
GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar - Additional date in August 06/2013If you did not have the chance to join the seminar in June and you would like to visit our GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar in August, we are pleased to announce that in response to the strong demand we offer an additional date in Braunschweig on August 12, 2013.>
06/2013Yet another addition to the GOM training offering: alongside the existing video tutorials in German and English, Chinese versions of the films are available as of today.>
GOM software version V7.5 SR2 06/2013V7.5 SR2 is the latest version of the GOM software and is due to come to the market at the end of June. It is primarily a service release for the new hardware systems ATOS Core, ATOS Plus and ATOS Triple Scan 12M. This software version offers many new developments and optimized application solutions.>
Affidabilità & Tecnologie 2013 05/2013The show AFFIDABILITÀ & TECNOLOGIE, which took place from 17 to 18 of April in Turin Lingotto, has been a successful exhibition, where key factors for decreasing costs and increasing productivity together with reliability where once more the key topics. GOM Italia showed, how GOM products may contribute to higher productivity with reduced costs.>
05/2013World Premiere at the Control 2013: GOM is pleased to present the latest member of the established ATOS series of optical 3D scanners. ATOS Core is the specialist for 3D scanning of small to medium sized components and is equipped with the proven ATOS functions and benefits such as GOM's stereo camera setup and Blue Light Technology.>
05/2013In response to the great demand we are looking forward to offer an additional date for the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar. Register now and learn everything you need to know about the powerful software.>
05/2013AIE, our partner in Vietnam, organized two nice User Meetings in April 2013, with over 50 attendees in Hanoi and 30 visitors in Ho-Chi-Min-City.>
04/2013Our distributor Mentel in Thailand held a marketing event for VEC and assisted the institute with the development of a fuel cell car.>
GOM 3D scanner gets electric car off the mark quickly 04/2013With the powerful optical 3D scanner ATOS Triple Scan, U.S. automotive group General Motors has cut the time it takes to produce a Chevrolet Volt.>
04/2013The Plus Box add-on for all ATOS Triple Scan sensors enables fully integrated photogrammetry and reference point collection. The established solution is already installed in over 100 measurement cells and ATOS ScanBoxes worldwide, and is now available with up to 29 megapixel photogrammetry camera.>
04/2013Discover new developments and convince yourself of our high qulity and precise measurement technology solutions. Order your free ticket now and visit us at the Control 2013.>
04/2013During the next A& T show in Turin from 17 to 18 April 2013, GOM Italia is going to present high quality scanning with the brandnew ATOS Triple Scan 12M.>
03/2013Take this opportunity to register for the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar on April 23, 2013. Over the course of a whole day you have the chance to benefit from our experts' knowledge in a practically oriented environment. >
03/2013Three new video tutorials give you an insight into the powerful GOM Inspect software. They make it easy for you to understand how to use GOM Inspect and try out applications that are suited to your area of work.>
03/2013During the next MECSPE show in Parma from 21 to 23 March 2013, GOM Italia is going to present the 5108 version of the automatic cell ATOS ScanBox to the Italian market.>
03/2013On January 25, 2013, around 25 participants came together for the Injection Molding Workshop at the Marubeni Office in Tokyo.>
02/2013Our Chinese partner Pro-Technic Machinery Ltd held its GOM User Meeting on November 8 - 9, 2012 in SuZhou, China.>
02/2013A total of over 60 participants met on November 2, 2012 at the SCG Experience Conference Center in Bangkok for the User Meeting held by our distributor Mentel.>
OMA User Conference 2012 - Korea 01/2013For two whole days on October 25 and 26, 2012 our partner OMA focused on innovative measurement technology from GOM in Daejeon, Korea. Around 100 customers and prospects followed the company's invitation to attend the User Conference 2012 to find out about the latest technologies and trends.>
ATOS ScanBox 6130 01/2013The ATOS ScanBox 6130 is now available for scanning parts larger than 2 m and/or up to 2000 kg in weight. The new ATOS ScanBox 6130 allows simple loading with cranes, forklifts or palette trucks and a specially designed loading system for quick, repeatable, accurate positioning of parts and components.>
01/2013On Thursday 10th of January 2013, there will be some maintenance on the GOM web servers. Therefore all websites will be temporarily not available. >
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 12/2012One of the Christmas traditions we enjoy is giving others presents. The question that always arises is what shall we give and what can we achieve by doing so? A brief look at today's world gives the obvious answer.>