ATOS - Industrial 3D Scanning Technology

The ATOS series of industrial optical 3D scanners provide accurate scans with detailed resolution at high speeds. ATOS delivers three-dimensional measurement data and analysis for industrial components such as sheet metal parts, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes, injection molded parts, castings, and more. Instead of measuring single points or with a laser, ATOS captures an object's full surface geometry and primitives precisely in a dense point cloud or polygon mesh.

ATOS is widely utilized in various industries, and can measure different object sizes, surface finishes, and shape complexities:

  • Highly accurate 3D measurements
  • Detailed, high-resolution scans
  • Quick data collection
  • Advanced inspection functionality
  • Complete dimensional analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting
The ATOS Compact Scan defines a new class of scanner for 3D measurement and inspection. The lightweight, compact construction opens new application areas and ensures ultimate adaptability for 3-dimensional measuring of components.
ATOS Core utilizes groundbreaking new technology, and the sensor forms the core for diverse range of measuring tasks such as 3D scanning, quality control and fully automated measurement and inspection.
GOM's high-end ATOS Triple Scan uses innovative and ground breaking measuring and projection technology. It encompasses all of the functions and benefits of GOM's proven stereo camera setup plus GOM's latest technological advancements.
The ATOS ScanBox is a complete optical 3D measuring machine that was developed by GOM for an efficient quality control in the production and manufacturing process. Nine models are available for different part sizes and applications.
"ATOS for Education" is a total package for theoretical and practical teaching at schools, higher education institutes and universities. The education package from GOM contains not only industrial hardware and software for 3D scanning and inspection but also ready-to-use laboratory experiments and lecture material.