Sheet Metal Parts

Inspection of Sheet Metal Parts

The ATOS optical digitizing system is an established system in the inspection of sheet metal parts. GOM has developed special algorithms that are used to measure entire surfaces as well as sharp-edged features with subpixel accuracy. In combination with the GOM Inspect Professional Software package, ATOS is the perfect solution for verification and quality control on sheet metal parts. Typical applications include:

  • Flexible Alignment Strategies (RPS, best-fit, etc.)
  • Full Surface Verification
  • Hole Pattern Inspection
  • Trim & Spring Analysis

Online Calibration of Fixtures, Jigs and Gauges

The ATOS 3D digitizing system is not used solely for geometrical full-field verification of parts and components. The GOM Touch Probe combines optical 3D free-form measurement and online tactile probing within one system. The live inspection of single points supports fast and intuitive online calibration. Combined with the GOM Touch Probe, the ATOS digitizer therefore effectively speeds up the calibration and validation of fixtures, jigs and gauges.

Read more about practical application:

In order to speed up tool try-out during the manufacture of complex sheet metal parts, the Bernecker Group has combined a CAD/CAM solution with a simulation software and optical metrology.
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Fast inspection of geometry, hole pattern, trim and spring on sheet metal parts.
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The ATOS digitizer and GOM Touch Probe speed up the calibration and validation of fixtures, jigs and gauges.
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