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GOM Metrology

Qualification of parts with computed tomography and GOM Volume Inspect

Qualification of parts with computed tomography and GOM Volume Inspect

Wilhelm Stehle, Group Leader Metrology at Testo SE & Co. KGaA in Lenzkirch (Germany), shares his experience with the GOM Volume Inspect software in his area of responsibility.

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"When qualifying parts...

we use computed tomography and GOM Volume Inspect for metrological evaluations of incoming plastic parts and, in some instances, also for pressure die-cast parts. These are often parts with deep bores and at the same time small diameters as well as complex contours, which are hard to capture with other measuring methods. Checking the filling level and possible shrinkage cavities is also part of the inspection.

Service provider performs CT scanning, Testo takes care of data evaluation

A service provider does the CT scans for us, which we then use to check the deviations to the CAD or reference parts using GOM Volume Inspect. The false-color analysis provides a fast overview of necessary modifications to the tool. Where useful and necessary for evaluation, the false-color analysis is supplemented by specific measurements in the GOM software. This way, we save iteration loops on the tools and thus valuable time.

Enormous time savings, more detailed information on parts

We used to measure the parts with a CMM that was equipped with auxiliary devices. It took us up to two days to measure 30 to 40 measuring points. Depending on the complexity of the part, it now takes only two to three hours to inspect the part with GOM Volume Inspect and we obtain much more detailed information about the component."


CT data analysis with maximum efficiency: GOM Volume Inspect Pro offers automatable evaluations and customizable functions.


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