GOM France - Road Shows 2014

After the success of the events realized in the west and the south of France in 2013, GOM France will organize a new presentation of its ATOS technology with the ATOS Core system.

Here are dates and places of these events

  • Tuesday, March 25th // 9h : Presentation at the INSA Lyon

During these presentations, you can:

  • Attend a presentation of GOM and its technologies
  • Attend a complete presentation of the ATOS Core system
  • Attend an operation of three-dimensional inspection on complex parts and diverse operations of reverse engineering
  • Exchange with the GOM team about concrete cases

INSA Lyon is the GOM France partner for the organization of this event. They welcome students, researchers and manufacturers for a conference around industrial 3D measurement techniques, inspection and automation.

Based on live demonstrations, the team of GOM France will demonstrate the effectiveness of the sensor in various industrial applications as quality control, inspection, CAD, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.


Please send an email to m.cativiela|at|gom.com