Webinar Series Redefine Quality using Digital Twins

How A Theory Drives Real Results and Productivity for Your Aerospace Manufacturing Processes

Be part of the digital revolution! Learn about the real-world application of digital twins and the critical role they play in redefining quality control inspection in the aerospace industry. These virtual copies of the aircraft and its systems help the aviation industry build and maintain aircrafts faster and safer. By using this digital feature with optical metrology, aircraft OEMs, suppliers and operators can now realize improved productivity and overall quality while achieving more efficient lifecycle management and maintenance activities. Join Lee Griffiths and Jonathan Pickworth, Aerospace Business Development at GOM, as they discuss GOM’s 3D metrology solutions and how GOM’s technology can turn a buzzword like “digital twin” into real results for your aerospace manufacturing processes.

This webinar series will be broken down into three sections over the next few weeks, providing an overview of the use of the digital twin concept for real-world applications, from composite structures and adaptive manufacturing to aircraft interiors:

Webinar Series Part 1

Digital Twin for Composite Structures

Composite structures play an increasingly important role in the manufacture of modern aircrafts while creating new challenges in terms of quality and maintenance activities. This webinar will discuss how major aerospace companies are implementing optical metrology sensors to improve the manufacturing processes of composite components by providing more data quicker, while developing a digital twin of the aircraft.

This webinar will cover: Composite wing surface inspection, helicopter blade inspection and composite fan blade inspection.

This webinar has already taken place.

Webinar Series Part 2

Digital Twin for Adaptive Manufacturing

Aircraft OEMs and suppliers are implementing adaptive manufacturing to increase safety and reliability of aircraft parts while maintaining weight requirements.

Featuring Guest Speaker Simon Rogers, Business Development Consultant Adaptive Machining from TTL, this webinar will discuss how major aerospace companies benefit from the use of optical metrology. For the digital twin, the sensors capture highly precise data quickly and non-contact, thus improving the manufacturing processes of critical parts.

This webinar will cover: Adaptive shimming for wing assembly, adaptive machining of aircraft panels and adaptive machining for airfoil manufacturing and repair.

This webinar has already taken place.

Webinar Series Part 3

Digital Twin for Aircraft Interiors

Aircraft interiors are critical parts. While providing comfort, insulation and safety for the passengers, these parts are designed lighter to help reduce fuel consumption. Cabin part manufacturers are faced with numerous challenges when designing and manufacturing parts and are turning to digital twin technology to help improve the overall quality and lead time.

This webinar will cover: Composite interior panel inspection, aircraft seats and cabin retrofit.

This webinar has already taken place.