GOM Workshop 2011 - Optical Measuring Techniques in plastic and injection molding process chains

The GOM workshop "Optical Metrology in Injection Molding Process Chains" took place with over 60 participants at the NH Hotel in Frankfurt-Mörfelden.
The workshop gave experts from product development, design, pattern & tool construction, production management and quality assurance an insight into how optical coordinate measuring technology can be integrated into modern injection molding process chains.

Well-known users such as Braun, BJB and Faurecia Interior Systems showed by examples from their day-to-day practice how they deploy optical metrology as a standard technology to accelerate processes as well as improve the quality of their components and processes. The flexible optical measurement system plays an impressive role in supporting quality assurance on products such as toothbrushes and lamps right through to automotive instrument panels.

The GOM team demonstrated state-of-the-art metrology solutions and evaluation software in three live presentations focusing on:

  • Dies & electrodes: targeted tool correction
  • Automated measurement and evaluation: analysis of multiple cavities
  • Quality assurance and assembly analysis: evaluation of large plastic parts

In addition, the GOM workshop offered an ideal platform for networking. Participants were able to exchange their experiences in cutting production start-up times, faster first article inspection and 3D dimensional analysis on electrodes, dies and plastic parts.

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