Trilion User Meeting 2011 in Philadelphia, USA

05/2011Trilion User Meeting in Philadelphia with additional customer training workshop

Trilion organized the 2011 GOM User Group Meeting near Philadelphia, Radnor Hotel, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 03 - 04.

The first annual Trilion User Group Meeting attracted about 40 customers from different companies, like NASA, ARL, DuPont, Chrysler, Corning, etc…

Presentation about the current state of the art of systems and developments were given, as well as very interesting talks about applications and projects, e.g. the involvement of GOM’s optical metrology solution in the NASA Return to flight program from Matt Melis, with thanks to Trilion for their strong support of the program.

During the breaks, the GOM systems were shown in action. In addition Capture 3D participated the Trilion User Group Meeting giving an insight and presentation of the new ATOS Triple Scan system. After the User Meeting, Trilion offered a training session with great response from customers.

Trilion and GOM like to thank our users for participating the Trilion User Meeting and are looking forward to support their applications and daily use of the measuring systems.

We like also to thank all attendees for their interest and time spent with us. We hope to see you at an exhibition, at our headquarter or at GOM Conference 2012.

Please contact Trilion or GOM if you need additional information about local needs or the GOM product range and its applications in industry and research.