India User Meeting 2010

03/2010APM Technologies organized their User meeting in Pune, February 23 and 24. The GOM Conference INDIA 2010 is a national conference for integration of optical measuring techniques in industry and Research. The conference is a unique event in bringing industry leaders together and offers a platform for managers, metrologists, technology and research experts to exchange application experiences.

India User Meeting 2010

India User Meeting 2010

India User Meeting 2010

The presentations and discussions concentrated on:

  • Reducing product development time
  • Enhancing process security
  • Optimizing production procedures
  • Deformation measurement with advanced optical technology
  • Real Time Deformation Analysis

The first day was dedicated to scanning and the second day was filled with presentations and measurements related to deformation measuring needs.

For Digitizing, an ATOS III and an ATOS I 2M scanning system with TRITOP demonstrated shop floor scanning of small up to very big parts. ARAMIS 5M, TRITOP and the ARGUS system were in action to measure deformation.

The product range and key applications as well as special needs and upcoming solutions were presented by APM Technologies and GOM.

The customer presentations were given by Tata Motors, International Cars & Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hansen Castings, IIT Mumbai and Essar Steel associates.

In addition Geomagic and Zwick presented their product as additions to compliment our products and offer complete solutions to our customers.

We thank the speakers for the excellent presentations and the APM Technologies team for the nice organization of this event.

We thank the more as 50 attendants for their interest and involvement into these technologies and solutions and their valuable feedback at this event.

We are impressed by the level of expertise and the progress of development in India and are looking forward to serve your needs.