GOM Inspect Video tutorials now available

03/2011GOM offers video tutorials and comprehensive user support for GOM Inspect

The free mesh processing and inspection software from GOM now offers even more advantages. A range of videos give interested users the chance to get to know the full breadth of the GOM Inspect application. The videos are available on our support website as well as on our own YouTube channel.

The tutorials provide important and useful information for people who are looking at GOM Inspect for the first time.

The video tutorials are available on GOM's support page at https://support.gom.com or on the GOM YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/GOMMetrology

Extensive Web support for GOM Inspect

The GOM Service Area offers not only the new videos but also access to the GOM Forum with additional support, an exchange of experiences and practical solutions for users. The service area at https://support.gom.com provides a growing knowledge database, further text-based tutorials, software updates and a range of sample data.