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GOM Metrology

Archiving of released tools

Archiving of released tools

The challenge

A frequent case during the try-out phase of a tool: various manual changes are iteratively made to the tool in order to produce a part with the correct geometry. These changes cause the physical tool to deviate from its design data. The CAD model of the tool, however, should accurately reflect the actual tool.


The solution

If the user scans the revised tool in 3D over its entire surface using an ATOS system, he is able to reliably record any manual changes to the tool and archive them. That’s because the ATOS measurement data provides a precise database for updating the CAD data of the tool via reverse engineering.

This type of archiving of released tools ensures that the design department always works with CAD data that corresponds to the actual tool. This is important, for example, if it is necessary to reproduce a tool quickly without having to go through the try-out phase again.

The benefits

Traceable documentation
of tool adjustments for change management
Permanently updated
CAD data stock even after manual changes to the tool
Data backup
in the event of damage to the tool

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