GOM Metrology


Dynamic Analyses Improve the Locomotor System


Implant and Prosthesis Motion Analysis

Optical 3D metrology has been established in biomechanics for dynamic analyses of implants and prostheses, but also of bones, tendons and ligaments. During strain, load and fatigue tests, the mechanical properties of biomaterials and their behavior under load are analyzed.

Load Testing of Sports Prostheses 

Researchers use optical 3D measuring systems in load testing of sports prostheses. The non-contact sensors capture three-dimensional displacements and strains, e.g. of running blades. The 3D measurement data is used to exactly calculate the life cycle of prostheses.

3D Metrology in Biomechanics

  • Testing of non-homogeneous materials
  • Dynamic analysis of biomechanical systems
  • Bones, joints and implants
  • Load and fatigue testing
  • Motion analysis