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Single Airfoil Inspection

Single Airfoil Inspection

Inspecting an airfoil can be a time consuming task. The GOM software provides functionalities that enable you to inspect an airfoil fast.
In this training, you will learn how to realize a complete inspection from scratch for a single airfoil represented by an HP turbine blade of an industrial gas turbine. First, you will learn how to create an inspection plan according to the technical drawing covering the most common airfoil inspections such as chord, profile thicknesses, form and position. Once actual data is available, you will check the inspection results. Further, you will get to know how you can design report pages according to your needs. Finally, you will learn how to confirm the repeatability of inspection elements.


Learn how to use the GOM software for...

  • Inspecting your single airfoil fast 
  • Inspecting your airfoil profiles easily covering inspections such as chord line, profile edge thickness and profile form and position
  • Creating the same profile inspections on multiple airfoil profiles quickly
  • Confirming the inspection element repeatability