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Basic Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (CMM Data)

Basic Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (CMM Data)

We have developed a basic training that guides you through all essential aspects of working with curves measured with tactile devices in GOM Blade Inspect Pro – from opening the software for the first time to reporting and exporting your final results. In addition to explaining all fundamental tools of the software, this training also covers the underlying, recurring concepts and workflows, so that you will feel confident to handle your own inspection tasks.

During the training, you learn how to prepare curves measured with tactile devices for inspection and how GOM Blade Inspect Pro can help you inspect airfoils efficiently. You will also be introduced to working with our easy-to-use airfoil profile inspection functionalities. They range from profile stacking point up to profile form and position inspection using a non-uniform tolerance band.

The airfoil and fillet curve inspections taught in this training become increasingly complex, gradually introducing you to the full potential of inspections. In addition to that, you will also learn how to create reports and how to create a project template that forms the basis for an automated measurement and inspection process using CALYPSO curve and GOM Blade Inspect Pro.


Learn how to use GOM Blade Inspect Pro for...

  • Easy inspection of airfoil profiles from, e. g., blades and vanes
  • Convenient transfer of inspections that were created on one profile to other profiles
  • Reporting of inspection results
  • Making life easier with templates and other parametric approaches
  • Creation of project templates that form the basis for automated measurement and inspection using CALYPSO curve and GOM Blade Inspect Pro