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Basic Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (3D Data)

Basic Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (3D Data)

We have developed a basic training that will guide you through all the essentials of working with GOM Blade Inspect Pro – from opening the software for the first time to reporting and exporting your final results.

In addition to explaining all fundamental tools of the GOM software, this training also covers the underlying, recurring concepts and workflows, so that you will feel confident to tackle your very own inspection tasks. 

During the training, you will learn how to inspect entire parts consisting of airfoils and subcomponents, such as roots, discs, hubs and shrouds.

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Learn how to use GOM Blade Inspect Pro for…

  • Inspecting your subcomponents such as roots, discs, hubs and shrouds 
  • Inspecting your airfoils and airfoil profiles easily 
  • Creating the same profile inspections on multiple airfoil profiles quickly 
  • Reporting your inspection results 
  • Making your life easier with templates and other parametric approaches